Houston, we have a problem

Yes, I know that’s not the correct quote.

WordPress has changed the the interface to “block format” or some such nonsense, and I have no idea how to either change it back (if that’s indeed possible) or to add a !@#$ graphic to a post.

I’m pretty sure nobody asked for this.

Saturday’s post is already queued, and so is Monday’s. Beyond that, I haven’t a clue.

It looks like there might be an option to do this entirely in HTML, which will at least allow the site to function, albeit with a lot more work


  1. OK, I for one still have access to the “classic editor”. Also, I just created a post on WordPress.com using the new editor that seems to pretty closely emulate your format. Why could you not do the same? You just create an image block and a text block. Text blocks are the default, so it’s basically no work.

    password: NotSecure

    (I only made it password-protected to keep it off my front page.)

  2. I don’t like the new block editor either and it’s mandatory. But if you look to the right below the headline, there is a plus sign, move the curser over that area, it should show up, it will allow you to upload an image, you can also use the paragraph tool to add text.

  3. I’ve used an image-editing program called ThumbsPlus since 1995. It was free, well-designed, and did everything I needed and then some.

    Then they “improved” it until it became a costly Photoshop wannabe, bloated and — at least for me — impossible to use.

    So every time I get a new computer, I install the 1995 version.

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