1. Andréa must be right. The “IT” is under there. However, the comment from the boss is then odd, since they seem to have tackled IT already.

  2. The ‘it’ they were trying to tackle was probably the ‘k’ that escaped from CIDUBill’s title; they can have another go at it when it comes back tomorrow morning. 😉

  3. Yep, that’s all there is. And those guys on the bottom will be dead from asphyxiation soon. Hilarious!

  4. A pile on tackle is a real thing and illegal in the NFL. It costs the offending team a 15 yard penalty (there has always(?) been a penalty for a late hit after a tackle.). Wow, I just realized the possible confusion caused by the terms “offending team” and the “offence”. ( It reminds me of when I first heard of an “offensive tackle”; “huh? what?! .. Why?” )

  5. “And those guys on the bottom will be dead from asphyxiation soon”

    I can find no indication of any deaths resulting from phonebooth stuffing.

  6. I was going to ask how you “look lie,” but Olivier had a much better take. As for the comic itself, it’s just a riff on “tackle.”

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