1. I expect to see this one recycled with a sticker planted on the briefcase, e.g. “Census”, or other gov’t agency! Apparently death not be proud, but honest??

  2. As Benny Hill said:

    Why are there walls around cemeteries?
    It’s silly beyond a doubt
    The people outside don’t want to go in
    And the people inside can’t get out

  3. For everyone who ever wore the shirt: “I’ve used up all my sick days so I’m calling in dead.”

  4. It’s just the most extreme version of, sorry, we are not interested in your product– at least not at this time– because we are….. Well, we’re *dead*. Can’t get much disengaged than than that.

  5. Maybe someone from a campaign. When I lived in Illinois, Dakin Williams, Tennessee Williams’ brother, was sorta running for governor and campaigned in the Chicago graveyards because “that’s where the votes are.”

  6. I was riding around with a friend and his 8-year-old son, and when we passed the cemetery the kid pointed at it and said “That’s where the dead people live!”

  7. Robert just had me change my text messaging program in my cell phone – we found out that the old one did not have a block feature. I will mention first that I am a member of the large national political party that the current President is not and have been registered as same for decades.

    I received a text message from “Lara Trump”. Despite what her father in law is telling everyone – she told me that voting by mail is completely safe and that I should request a vote by mail ballot right away – and to vote Republican. Where the heck did they get the list to send this to me?

    I have an idea of where. in 2018 I received a number of text messages from a Republican Congressman who wanted my vote. In addition to p’ing me off so I would not have voted for him, if I would have thought to maybe vote for him to begin with – I do not even live in his district – boy was he desperate for votes.

    So I now have a new messaging program which has a number block – but is missing a variety of features that I use to use much more often than once in a blue moon.

  8. “Sorry, they’re dead” is a cliché sure-fire way to get someone to stop calling (on your phone) for someone else (either a member of your household or a wrong number.) This is just the logical next step?

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