1. I guess there are a few medicines or medical products that could be said to require installation. IUDs, subdermal implants…

  2. He likes it because it’s something that sounds good but won’t affect their bottom line in any way. They’re like a pharmaceutical company or something, right?

  3. Folly has it. I might or might not have put a feature in a software product or two which sounds good pre-sale but is of no conceivable practical value post-sale. It does, however, work as claimed, so I don’t feel (particularly) guilty.

  4. Do they just make drugs or do they make/distribute medical equipment as well? Bath benches, CPAP machines, safety bars, etc.

    Don’t laugh, “contactless installation”, which involves dropping off the stuff with the client and having them install it is being talked up by multiple telcos and cable companies. Saves the company money.

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