1. Instead of a hearing aid, a smelling aid. Just an absurd switcheroo. Had they been at a concert and he left his hearing aid at home, he’d be grumbling he wasn’t enjoying it. Here he can’t enjoy her flowers since he left his smelling aid behind.

    I’ve probably come up with a similar setup in my head in the past, but I probably wouldn’t have made a compelling comic myself either.

  2. Grawlix has it. The husband probably didn’t want to be dragged to the flower store in the first place.

  3. Ah, okay. At first glance I thought the smelling aid was made of flowers, so it would improve smells for you; but on a disanalogy from hearing aid which boosts but is not supposed to change the sounds much otherwise.

  4. I read the panel three or four times and each time I managed to read “hearing aid”, which made no sense. Only after I clicked in to read the comments did I finally see it.

    Why do they bother writing all those words if I’m not going to pay attention?

  5. @Darren – maybe you’d be heaving a better time if you had listened to good sense and put on your seeing aids. Ho ho.

  6. I remember a Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comic from the 1960’s where Freddy and his brothers go out to eat, and the narcotics officer takes advantage of their absence to plant a sort of bug in their apartment. Instead of picking up sounds, this device which looks like an ordinary flower in a flower pot picks up odors and transmits them electronically to the narc’s van outside. The idea is that on detecting the smell of marijuana he can burst into their apartment and arrest them. He puts on the nose piece and turns it up all the way. Freddy, Phineas and Franklin come home from the Mexican restaurant. Freddy complains that although he loves Mexican food, it makes him flatulent. Let’s just say our narc has a VERY bad day.

    So smelling aids were invented in the 1960’s, in concept at least, and are probably not a good idea after all.

  7. “So smelling aids were invented in the 1960’s, in concept at least, and are probably not a good idea after all.”

    Goes back a lot further than that.

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