1. Welcome back, CIDU Bill! I hope you’re all well and the year only gets better from here.

    Bears: Two puns in one panel! Not the best, but I admire the work ethic and they do work together.

    Nuancy: *shrug* I tried to see anything that could be nuance in their poses, so it seems a bit weak.

    Pilsbury: Uh…straight guys give massages in the bedroom to get something sexier. So I think it is unrealistic. I understand why they went for that with the pun, though.

    The Cheese Stands Alone: Shouldn’t that be an Ewwww?

  2. Well, to be fair, it shouldn’t be mandatory to check out file names.

    That was really a note for myself to run this with both designations if I could do so smoothly. As it was, I was running behind (post-storm stuff), and I didn’t want tonight’s post to be late after three days, so I took the quick approach.

    By the way, I saw today that “Bill” is on the hurricane list for next year. Earlier in the day, oddly enough, I’d told my 6-year-old niece that her name had never been used for a hurricane — and she’s on the 2021 list as well.

  3. The “highbernation” pun was good, but “bearijuana” didn’t work at all for me (it sounds like something that would show up in a Berenstain book). In retrospect, I think Hilburn may have used it to avoid a censorship battle over whether he should be allowed to write “marijuana” in a “family” newspaper comic.
    P.S. Wayno’s line weights and proportions are significantly better than the way Olivia Jaimes draws Nancy.

  4. I’m pretty sure Wayno was going for the Ernie Bushmiller style, while the new artist is going off on her own somewhat.

  5. I didn’t understand Olivier’s comment at all until I went back to look, hoping to find the doctor’s name on a door or diploma. I agree that the “…ak” is puzzling: I thought that his name should have been “Dr. T. Leary”, but I would have accepted “Dr. T. Beary” for the sake of yet another pun.

  6. Mrs. Fresh was named Poppie and wore a bonnet. The late Al Goldstein got sued when his magazine depicted the Freshes in the act, with a gag about a yeast infection. But I suppose we should be grateful the cartoonist here didn’t take the time to look that up.

  7. Why do both Nancy and Sluggo have shadows behind them? Where is the sun? Or are those not supposed to be shadows?

  8. SingaporeBill’s making stuff up again. Clearly by the cartoon convention of long eyelashes being shorthand for female, the character laid out on the bed is a girl.

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