Fiat Lux!

I was texting with a friend when the power suddenly came on and I wrote FIAT LUX!!! and she responded with ?????

Anyway, tonight’s update shall happen.

What do y’all think? Post the three CIDUs that went unused, or just stick them at the end of the queue?

We started making up a list of (not-obvious) things to do ahead of the next once-in-a-decade meteorological event (which will probably be Hurricane Josephine next week, the way 2020 is going), and I’ve already added “Queue up CIDU for a week ahead.”


  1. Those days are over; we now have bird cages over our pools and lanais & bar areas so we can sit outside during all weathers (lanais & bar areas are covered), and no bugs. Otherwise, life in FL would be unbearable and we may as well have stayed in WI 😉

  2. Andréa – I have had clients who lived in Florida – including one who disappeared and I cannot find out anything about her – and I know they used to have a personal property tax. I am guessing they no longer have same as I did not have to prepare same for her the years before she disappeared. (Closest I came to finding about what happened was writing to the address where aunt had (and I hoped still lived), explaining who I was and asking about her. I did get an email reply that “she does not live here”.

  3. If by ‘personal property tax’ you mean . . . plain ol’ property tax, yeah, we have it . . . just rec’d our latest of $5000 . . . guess that makes up for ‘no state income tax’ (and then some).

    I use this site to find people –

    If you know the county she lived in, you can search property records for that county. You can search voter rolls, too. There are MANY ways to find people, if you really want to do so.

  4. There are two types of property tax in most places in the US. Real-estate tax and personal property. The latter is cars, boats, and similar things that need to be registered and licensed.

  5. “The latter is cars, boats, and similar things that need to be registered and licensed.”

    I can’t imagine any state NOT taxing those three.

  6. Andréa –

    Over the country taxes on vehicles vary from relatively low registration fees to much larger taxes based on the value of the vehicle (the former are not deductible as taxes as an itemized deduction, but the latter are).

    Client did not own real property and knowing her she probably did not register to vote. I am guessing she died, but could not find any info about same. It is only my curiosity about what happened to her and the sudden lack of communication from her. I was going to ask at my bank – she banks at same bank company – if they could tell me if the checks she had written to me were good or if the account had been closed, but I decided not to bother (no it is the not the $40 in checks that makes me wonder or bothers me).

  7. I’m confused . . .

    1) state sales tax when you buy a car
    2) license fee (tax by any other name)
    3) property tax on car that is paid every year??

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