1. @ Shrug – Not in July, but probably in February. The average February temperatures in “Ponce de Leon, Florida” run from a low of 40°F to a high of 65°F, easily cool enough to warrant a jacket or scarf. Besides, as an artist, he’s drawing for a national audience.

  2. The comments above are probably not he right track, but I read the strip as a generalized comment on Americans, both the increase of obesity and the awful (to me, anyhow) growth of the skinhead look. I guess I skipped over the “short” part of it, although it’s rather ironic to have those two talking calling others short. I did (and do) wonder why they are in the line, though.

  3. Kilby – I am 66 – I am sitting in our kitchen wearing a sweatshirt to keep warm on a day that is in the 80Fs and the ac was turned off when Robert went upstairs to his computer 3 hours ago.

    Old people really do get cold – I spent most of my life overheated then about the same time lost weight, went through menopause and the doctor determined that I suddenly needed thyroid medication – which of these or which combination caused it, I went from not wearing a winter coat until it was in the low 40Fs to getting sick while wearing a sweatshirt in 80+F weather. Robert made a rule – if I stop feeling cold (which means the temperature is at least 90F) I have to put on the ac until I feel cold again so I don’t sick again as I did when I wore sweatshirt in the 80Fs.

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