1. Different strokes, eh? I have a stepson who has been doing a lot of gardening, painting, and other stuff around our place, and he seems to actually enjoy it all, like Janis here. So I don’t doubt that Janis speaks the truth, hard as is is for me, at least, to really comprehend.

    Some of the stuff here I could not have accomplished by myself, and others, well, I just didn’t get around to it (and probably wouldn’t for a good while). I’m glad he got his job back this week, but I’ll miss his help.

  2. I think I’ve been there before. The “enjoy what you were doing” was said in kind of a sarcastic way.

  3. I think Janis is enjoying this garden work on multiple levels. Not only does she like the tactile feel of working with the soil and producing visible (if slow) results, she gets to observe Arlo bubbling over in frustration over her “incorrect” choice of implement.
    P.S. In the latter sense, the strip reminded me of H.T. Webster’s old features “How to Torture Your Wife” or rather “… Husband“.

  4. I understand Janis. Once a friend and I went to a (very casual) dinner party, and we spent most of it pulling the garlic mustard out of their garden. There was something very satisfying about it.

  5. We missed treating the poison ivy this year. We also missed treating the weeds and mowing the grass. We didn’t walk to the back of the house until Robert decided we had to dewinterize the RV and we needed things from the garage. We have almost no grass in front of the house since we put in a semi-circle driveway and our driveway takes up over 2/3 of the front of the house – the grass in the semi circle of it has died since we started parking our van on it. The grass and weeds in the back are about waist high and the poison ivy is starting to climb the house. Other than the poison ivy being on the house, My inclination would be let it grow and die in the fall and deal with it next year. We are going have to pay someone to deal with the poison ivy before we can even think of dealing with the grass. Small trees have started growing also.

    New idea – to pave as much as the far side of the house and the back yard as possible next year.

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