1. I saw several comics w/Father’s Day themes today. Coincidentally, I was reading CNN OPINION newsletter when this was posted:

    Happy Father’s Day

    Mother’s Day this year came as most Americans were still locked down, and a lot of the holiday get-togethers were virtual. Today is Father’s Day and the advice from Kent Sepkowitz is consistent with what he recommended for the earlier holiday: get together with your father on Zoom, Facetime or whatever platform you prefer.
    . . .

    “Besides, let’s be honest — Father’s Day is no Mother’s Day, “wrote Sepkowitz, noting that total US spending on Mother’s Day gifts is more than 50% higher. “As a dad myself, this junior varsity status is fine by me. This year in particular, I want nothing to do with celebrating a holiday in the middle of a poorly managed pandemic.”

  2. J-L +1 . But yes, surely intentional.

    Snuffy Smif did use a Fathers Day theme, awkwardly, and was mocked by the Comics Curmudgeon for it.

  3. It ran in “Family Circus,” “For Better of For Worse” and “Baby Blues” (of course) . Sense a pattern here?

  4. I have not yet tuned my radio over to NPR to catch Lulu coldly conclude politician interviews by thanking them for their time, in a way that makes it clear we are expressing “no-thanks!” to their views; and the Will Shortz puzzle segment, so I will not need to download it separately later. …

    So meanwhile I am still on WFMT, our so-called classical music station, which is doing an expanded Fathers Day edition of their regular Sunday morning requests-and-dedications programming. This one will last until evening, I think.

    They had a promo for this all week, which was really quite odd, but ultimately more successful than you might expect. I think the hurdle to overcome was the voices they adopted. The two hosts tossed out various things to mention, then would say “That’s a Dad thing!” in an oddly gruff pseudo-hyper-masculine voice. But it alternated stereotype U.S. male themes (“Sports on TV! … That’s a Dad thing!”) with musical and cultural sensitivity (“The delicate interlacing of voices in the Flower Duet from Lakmé … That’s a Dad thing!”). Nice idea, but I think there was just one version of the promo clip and they played it over and over during the week.

  5. @ Mitch4 – Mocking has always been the primary characteristic of the Curmudgeon; that was the indirect (secondary) reason that I quit reading it. (Indirect because most of the features regularly shown there were eminently worthy of being mocked. If I prefer to avoid worthless soap operas, it doesn’t seem rational to wallow in them by reading Josh’s snarks.)

  6. Here’s Cornered. The Fathers Day relevance is clear in the main panel. And the guys in the smaller one, on the left, could perhaps be addressed as Father; tho I guess they are more like Brothers.

  7. Okay, thanks. I don’t know why but I was reading the setting as a monastery (with a view of their chapel, okay), hence the idea they were Brothers.

  8. Get together with your father on Zoom, Facetime or whatever platform you prefer.

    I’d need a crystal ball.

  9. I went to the Comics Curmudgeon to see the Snuffy Smif comic and … wait, what? “Uncle” Snuffy? I thought Jughaid was Snuffy’s own son or at least adopted son. And what happened to Tater? Shouldn’t Tater get to sign the card, or did he die of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or something?

  10. Tater is in the witness protection program. (Starting a new life as “Spud” somewhere in Idaho.)

  11. I like this one. And the Cornered one in the comments too (though why would the nurses need to have “NURSERY” written on the wall in the nursery?

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