1. This past week – instead of my big plan of finally getting to clean the house as I have not really done since he retired, err, quit his job, 12 years ago while we are stuck in the house – he decided we had to dewinterize our little RV. I wanted to say – “hey, why don’t wait until we find out if we will actually be going a trip on this year and if not, we will not to have winterize it in the fall if we don’t dewinterize now” – but knew it would be too much for him for me to say so. We had trouble with the RV last year and the only trips we took it on were to and from repair work in NJ and PA – and had to leave in PA to fix what was done in NJ so we had the excitement of having to travel in separate vehicles taking it to PA and then the same home when we picked it up. (He was sure he would get lost – how could we possibly stay together. I pointed out to him that I was a driving a Chevy van with the roof lifted taller and he was driving an Astro van (not as tall) on mostly roads that did not allow trucks – how hard to see each other over the cars between us – we were in view of each us almost the entirety of both trips.) So he really wants to go on a trip this year since we did not go last year – yeah, maybe not this year.

    So we spent two days filling and letting water out of the clean of the water tanks with and then without bleach.

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