1. He’s now permanently out of touch with reality and never will be in touch with it again.

  2. I understood it to mean that his life is now based solely upon his own deluded fantasies.

  3. So, what’s he doing in there?
    Anyway, this diagnosis would be lost on him, then.

  4. I’ve seen this as a tagline, apparently a movie quote. What movie, I haven’t a clue. Or maybe a comic, or…Pop culture and I don’t meet very often.

  5. SANDERSON – You know we all must face
    reality, Dowd, sooner or later.

    ELWOOD – Uh huh – Well, I wrestled with
    reality for thirty-five years, doctor, and
    I’m happy to state I finally won out over

  6. I got derailed by her legs being crossed, which means that her shoes are on the wrong feet. Or is that something to do with reality?

  7. “Reality is a crutch for those unable to cope with science fiction” — bumper sticker I’ve got around here somewhere.

  8. As in the Harvey line, it would seem to make more sense for the patient to say this than the shrink.

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