1. Watch out, it sounds like someone accidentally changed the radio station at about the 2:15 minute mark.

  2. Around 1:00 mark, the caption “coconut shy” puzzled me until recalling the “toss, throw at” verb meaning of “shy”.

  3. I can’t include EVERY version of a song, Guero: since Shrug didn’t specify, I made an Executive Decision.

    Though if I’d noticed the blip, I would have gone with the Muppets instead.

  4. Somehow I never knew this song from Danny Kaye, but in fact one of my family’s earliest phono records was a collection of comic songs performed by Danny Kaye — evidently not the one pictured here or I would have known this track, but still there are several famous songs that nobody would ever think of as “Danny Kaye songs” but I did, because that’s where I was exposed to them.

    Like “Minnie the Moocher” for pity’s sake! What a discovery when I later saw performances like this https://youtu.be/8mq4UT4VnbE There are probably better ones, where the echo-battle on the scatting gets ever more elaborate.

    Another was “Anatole of Paris” and to this day I still sometimes find myself saying “I’ll never forget the mawnin’ that Grandpa ate the awnin’, to impress a pretty lady who went for men that were shaaaaaady!” My parents were able to pretty well explain “shady”, and sort of “went for”. But then the pun was great! It took animated cartoons to explain “a rolling pin that strikes and then says Pow!”. And only much much later did I catch on to the point that he designs women’s fashions, he must be gay, that’s why he giggles and says “I … hate … women.” Oy veh!

    I think this ten-inch 33 rpm included one or more of the “Hans Christian Andersen” songs, but we also had an “album” of songs from the movie, on 7-inch 45s. This was a folder-style cover (as would later be popular for big time rock “double albums”) with two slots for holding the records. There were one or two songs on each side, so up to 8 altogether. “Inchworm” was mesmerizing. No one could say or remember the names of those two waterways mentioned in “Wonderful Copenhagen” … To this day when I read a physics explainer mentioning “the Copenhagen Interpretation” I have to stop myself from muttering “You sail up the Skaggerrack and sail down the Cataract” .

  5. “Skaggerak” and “Kattegat”, if memory serves.
    I first heard of the cocoanuts back in the late ’40s or early ’50s, as a pop tune.

  6. Actually, until today, the Danny Kaye version is the only one I’d ever heard, (I’m pretty sure I’ve seen The Lion King, but I sure don’t remember that scene.) We had it on an old 78rpm. The flip side was The Peony Bush (There in my Garden), another classic that probably no one has heard of.

  7. I thought I first heard it as done by Ray Ellington on a GOON SHOW tape, but apparently that’s a false memory, since I can’t find that he did that one there. I probably heard it on a tape of some other UK comedy/variety radio show, though.

  8. I think that Danny Kaye is the version I know also – although the British accent seems to go with it – perhaps Ray Ellilngton who is mentioned. Dad had a number of Danny Kaye records. My dad went to the same high school DK went to – but some 13 years after him, but that made him special to dad (and to me). I had the children’s version of the Hans Christian Anderson records -on yellow 33.3s.

    Even now if a DK movie comes on TV unless I really have to go sleep or have something else to do, I will stay and watch it.

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