1. How odd. The last two comments in this thread (#50 from me and #51 from Andrea) are not showing in the “Recert Comments” list, but do show up in search from larK’s scanner.

  2. Umm, no, I saw mine on the page immediately after submitting it — it wasn’t in moderation at all, just didn’t show in the sidebar list. I figure it has something to do with the 50-comment page-break thing.

  3. You’ve seen things on the page that aren’t in the sidebar. I’ve seen things in the sidebar that aren’t on the page. We all know about moderation. Forget it, Mitch4, it’s WordPress.

  4. Probably the issue has to do with bad/over use of javascript on the main page, whereas the rss feed (from which I scrape) is more straightforward and simple. I envision something like this: the rss page is small and simple: you request it, it does a query of the database, and returns the page — fast, reliable, and replicable; the main page probably has the user’s machine running javascript to decide when to request an asynchronous update on the recent postings list — this is complicated, slow, and totally unreplicable, because it runs on each user’s machine instead of on the server. The “advantage” of doing it this way is if you spend a long time reading the thread, without refreshing the page, the recent comments list will still be (more or less) up to date since it will be constantly refreshing itself and redisplaying. (Of course, the problems come in from the fact that it can’t continuously be refreshing itself, because that would tie up the server way too much, so it has to pick an optimized schedule for refreshing, and in fact probably prevents any given client from refreshing too often. So, upshot, if you had just (automatically) refreshed before you submit you post, you are prevented from refreshing again, so you don’t see your own post until you are allowed to refresh again.)

    This is all conjecture on my part — I have not bothered to look at the wordpress codebase, nor even have I observed the behavior I posit above about the auto-refreshing, but it seems very plausible to me to be what causes the weirdness I and others have noted.

  5. larK, I suspect it’s not that. I run with Javascript turned off, and when something doesn’t seem right I manually hit refresh.

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