1. The Close to Home is a fun pun.

    I’m not sure what the message of the Junk Drawer is meant to be. But even that obviously bearing a message (of whatever sort) makes me suspicious.

  2. I took it to mean the scenic route is longer but less steep; but I say this with no great certainty.

  3. Or it could mean that only now, after a few thousand years of struggle, does he suddenly notice said route.

    Or that part of his punishment ihas always been knowing that route exists, but not being allowed to take it.

    Or (most likely) just cartoonist thinks — “golf game in forty-five minutes, ah, what the heck, pull something from my ‘half-baked ideas’ notebook and that will have to be good enough for today. I’ll, uh, try to make up for it by being twice as ‘funny’ tomorrow. Maybe.”

  4. Keith Knight reported in one strip on a talk he gave to the kids back in his old school in Malden, MA.

    “How many of you would like to be cartoonists when you grow up?” Most of the kids raised their hands.

    “How many of you would like to have homework every night, seven days a week, for the rest of your life?”

    No hands this time.

    So I cut cartoonists some slack when they absolutely have to submit something but just don’t have an idea that day.

  5. Mark: I’m all for cutting cartoonists some slack, but isn’t he just describing having a job? Having to produce stuff every week is just called “working.”

    He doesn’t have to work every night, or seven days a week. He can decide when to work, so long as he achieves an output of seven cartoons (or whatever) per week.

  6. Plus this “homework” is their entire job right? Unlike the kids who are in class all day AND have homework. I admit I’m no expert on the life of a comic strip artist, so maybe I’m wrong.

  7. This is (by far) the best “Close to Home” comic that I have ever seen. Nice idea, acceptably well-drawn (which is, in terms of CtH standards, a major compliment), and it even offers the reader the faint hope that the cat might be able to roll the ball over and crush the moronic space alien on the ridge. Applause.

  8. Kilby, the hope is that it rolls into Reality Check comic underneath and flattens the Squirrel.

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