1. “Yeah, complete with the apterix. Nice crossover.”

    Not the apterix; the dookey bird.

    But…. what sense does *any* of this make?

  2. @ Boise Ed – That’s not the Apterix (who is a wingless bird with hairy feathers, and has a longer beak), that’s John the Turtle’s friend, the Dookey Bird (who can fly, at least occasionally).

  3. Thanks, Kilby. You’re quite right. I now remember someone asking the Apteryx what he was, and him replying something like “wingless bird with hairy feathers, who cannot fly.” I had totally forgotten the name “Dookey Bird.”

  4. It’s going to be “one of those days” where everything goes wrong.

    The story of my life…

  5. @ Boise Ed – Actually, the name as I remembered it was “Dookie bird”, but I could not find an original Hart strip to document whether that really was the original spelling(*), so I took the “ey” spelling from Wikipedia.
    P.S. (*) – This is in stark contrast to the Apterix, who repeated his name in virtually every strip (or sequence) in which he appeared.

  6. P.P.S. As long as I was looking up names, I should have verified “Apteryx“, which is indeed spelled with a “Y”:

  7. Pete: I don’t recall ever seeing that. It puts a wholly different light on their relationship over many years.

    Kilby (4:05 AM): Thanks for fetching that one. That goes back a long time.

  8. I’ve noticed what seems to be a fairly new product category – foam or squirted liquid applied to toilet paper as a cleaner / deodorizer, to replace use of wet wipes. One of the brands is called something like this Foom.

  9. @ Boise Ed – That strip with the platypus is not nearly as old as it looks (signed “Mason”, and dated Dec. 2007), but it was unusually hard to find. The B.C. archive at GoComics does not contain dialog tags (and it is massively incomplete: other than the “Back to B.C.” reruns, the regular archive doesn’t start until 2002, so three and a half decades of Hart’s strips are AWOL). Google found that strip on some private blog, but it was clearly dated as “12-5“, which sent me on a wild goose chase, until I discovered it at GoComics dated “12-6” (both copies have a handwritten date). There’s no way to tell how (or why) the substitution or shuffle occurred.

  10. P.S. I do not remember any strips that defined the Dookey bird’s gender. I always assumed that it was male, and I suspect that IF there is a contradictory “definition”, it was probably issued within the last 13 years (meaning by Mason & Co., and not by Hart). This would fit with the strip’s new “enlightenment” (such as assigning “Grace” and “Jane” to replace the politically incorrect titles that the women used to have).

  11. No, it was in the classic era, back when it was funny. Bird is sometimes referred to as John’s girlfriend.

  12. “such as assigning “Grace” and “Jane” to replace the politically incorrect titles that the women used to have”

    The Cute Chick and Fat Broad have names now?

    “No, it was in the classic era, back when it was funny. Bird is sometimes referred to as John’s girlfriend.”

    Um…. are you sure of this??? If read BC on and off all my life and dont recall anything like this.

  13. @ woozy – “The Cute Chick and Fat Broad have names now?

    Yes, it made a minor splash when it was announced a few months ago:

  14. P.S. The commentary on the current title cards for the two characters at John Hart Studios is a little different:

  15. Thanks for the article.

    I don’t have anything against adopting the new names. But then, I’ve never been much of a BC fan.

    What is “Endicott”? A place?

  16. Thanks! As you probably gathered, I was asking out of uncertainty why the article was sort of taking a “news of local celebrities” approach. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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