1. The clothing is sentient. The gown represents a female trope. Trousers represent the male. So sentient trousers would be the equivalent of the princess who pines for her prince. The song uses “pants” because it kind of sort of sounds a bit like “prince”. It’s really funny, though, when you use the UK interpretation, where “pants” means “underwear”, because now it gets sexy.

  2. Back in the day when you took pictures on film and needed to have it developed, the delay was described as “Some day my prints will come.”

  3. Then there was the lovable Renaissance Festival performer in a suit of armor who insisted on showing everyone his fine photographs, just so he could hear them say “Good prints, sweet knight.”

  4. I thought this one had to do with a world filled with invisible people. The princess is held captive atop a tall tower, and all you can see of her is her dress.

    So when her prince finally does approach, what do you think she will see? A pair of pants, of course! (And maybe a tunic, and a sword, some shoes, etc.)

    I don’t know… That’s my best guess.

  5. Strange to hear people say they would have never gotten this. I thought it was pretty obvious, and also not much of a joke.

    There are lots of comics here that regularly get disdainful comments like “that’s all there is” and “cartoonist had to meet a deadline.” Honestly, I think if Far Side wasn’t a beloved classic, it would get those comments as well. It had a lot of good strips, and you could even say it was groundbreaking for its time, but it also had a lot of strips that really just didn’t work.

  6. I think the image is, unusually, quite poorly drawn in that at first glance it looks as though the moonlit window edge is coming out of the top of the dress like some sort of very pointy head. Would have ben clearer with the dress shifted to the left a foot or two (in the image’s internal world frame, not on the cartoonist’s metapaper or it would have been way off the lefthand Far Side).

    Also, those bits of shoulder flummery look like tiny malformed angel wings and so a bit distracting.

  7. I’m with Winter Wallaby. I thought that was the obvious explanation but it obviously wasn’t acceptable enough. “Pants” doesn’t sound enough like “prince” to be acceptable. It’d almost be better of if it were “Someday my prince’s pants will come”. That wouldn’t be much of a joke but it’d be surreal enough to be amusing.

  8. I considered it in the “someday my prints will come” category. I think it’s close enough to “prince” to qualify. A mildly amusing twist.

  9. Related connection, sort of. Cartoonist Keith Knight, who has had work appear on CIDU, was in a hip-hop band called The Marginal Prophets. The band recorded a song called “Yes Pants”, which appears on the album “Bohemian Rap CD” (which features a cover illustration by Mr. Knight).

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