1. Pinny is correct. The joke works best if the shedding is being done by a cat instead of a dog. But neither one is a fit for the Shining. Now you could have Cujo for the dog, and there was a cat in Pet Semetary. But now I am over thinking it.

  2. In The Shining, he couldn’t go out because of the weather. In The Shedding, he can’t go out because of the cat hair. No deeper than that.

  3. And he’ll never finish rolling the cat hair off his pants. No matter how much you get rid of, there’s always more.

  4. I also am assuming that this is that “Shedding” sounds like “Shining”.

    And after a joke of that caliber, Wayno is *NEVER* allowed to complain about Jimmy Buffet or (*anything* on the planet) ever again!

  5. This works just fine without the caption. Wayno’s flirting with squirrel territory here. Of course, Bill still wouldn’t get it, because it’s a cat owner thing.

  6. Around the time that The Shining was published, there was a big trend of other horror novelists (or their publishers) naming things after gerunds. Things like The Gathering, The Harvesting, and so on.

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