1. Instead of putting up a picture of the best employee of the month, they put up a picture of the most annoying one. And Larry normally walks away with it, although Pam managed to be even more annoying once.

    Larry is very, very annoying.

  2. Maybe Pam shines with April Fools pranks. Larry’s everyday annoyance can’t beat that stuff!

  3. It took Larry a while to figure out that Zoom thing. Pam was quicker on the draw and took the award that month. Larry finally got on board and is now back on his game.

  4. It’s so badly drawn that I can tell if that ??woman?? glaring at the wall is supposed to be Pam McNumf or Larry Kabibble or a third party and I have no idea if she’s glaring at the wall in displeasure or neutrality.

    I honestly don’t think there is anything more than — instead of valued employee of the month it is annoying employee of the month– but how the heck would anyone know.

  5. I think that is Pam glaring at the wall. Good thing the run date is obvious (12-10), or I would think she won for the current month, April 2020, not some previous April. That would suggest she’s the new most annoying employee, not just of the month. Either as a new hire, or Larry quit to find somewhere he was more appreciated. Or had an accident in the parking lot.

  6. They might be laptops, although most offices would have an external keyboard/mouse. By the end of my time as a productive member of society, the phone was almost useless. I mainly used it to order Chinese food before I went to get it.

  7. @ Carl Fink – As far as I know, that abbreviation of “Schlagsahne” happens only in America (or possibly Austria, where the normal term is “Schlagobers“). I’ve never heard it used in Germany.
    P.S. Another example of pseudo-German in English is “Stein” (for “beer mug”). There are a lot of German names for them, and one of them is “Steinkrug”, but nobody here would use just the first syllable, because a “Stein” is a stone, not a mug.

  8. I agree, that is Pam studying the wall display. (Despite not being able to tell from the drawing, really.) The main indicator for me is that there is someone seated at those closest desks, so this person came over there on purpose, not just standing up for a stretch. Also her arms-akimbo stance could be indicating some smouldering indignation.

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