1. The graph has been rotate around the Y axis, thus the X axis is decreasing, not increasing. Profits (or sales, or whatever it is that is suppose to be going up and to the right, is going down and to the right if you orient the graph the right way.

  2. Further to TedD’s comment: Note that the Y axis is on the right, whereas it should be on the left. In other words, the graph framing should look like an L, but here it looks like a backwards L. This is a left-right reversed mirror image. It was subtle enough that it took me a minute to notice it.

  3. I didn’t notice it at all until I read TedD’s comment. At first I thought that the “not right” issue was that he had scheduled a meeting with his wife (in his “home office”), I thought the two in the middle looked like their children. However, this is Andertoons #7672, nearly a thousand panels away from the current end of the archive (#8632)“, so it’s very unlikely that it would have anything to do with current events.
    P.S. Actually, given the way that he markets his archive, it’s not surprising that Andertoons tends to avoid topical issues.

  4. Without labeling on the X axis it is impossible to know how the graph was transformed to make it do this. If this were an overhead (geezer!) he could have put it on the projector backwards, but that would mean the graph title should be backwards and obvious to the audience. Not to mention there isn’t one to be seen. The better explanation is that he reversed the X axis. There are times that is a much better way to present the data, but this doesn’t look to be one of them.

  5. And probably “not right” is, besides mostly saying something is wrong, a subliminal hint to be aware of the L-R orientation.

  6. I kinda like it. The woman can TELL something is wrong, because it looks like things are going well and she KNOWS things don’t go well for them. And, as it turns out, she’s right that something is wrong, because the graph actually is flipped.

    Whether the standing guy did it on purpose, and is nervous because he was caught, or it was an accident, and he’s nervous because it shows incompetence on his part, or he’s nervous because he is realizing that things actually ARE bad and he HAD been hopeful — I don’t think there’s enough evidence to choose, but since all of those are reasonable interpretations, it doesn’t entirely matter.

  7. I thought is was simply the guy wondering about their positive whatevers when everyone else in the world is crashing and burning. Success just doesn’t feel right.

    But the whole axis thing makes it pretty darn subtle.

  8. Mike: The person saying I don’t say “I dunno, something’s not right” is the seated woman, not the male presenter.

    I had originally thought it was a meta-joke, about how those graphs are always going down in comics. But yeah, it’s the axis flip.

  9. Winter Wallaby: See, even WITHOUT masks you can’t tell which character is speaking.

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