1. The guy being arrested is just to show that it’s a police station without actually having a sign for it. George has just come out of it, being released into whatsisname’s custody.

  2. Arthur has it. But what do you mean “whatisname”? How can anyone forget The Man with The Yellow Hat?

  3. I had never heard of Curious George or the man in the yellow hat, though it is shown on kids’ TV in the UK. I had heard of I Am Curious (Yellow), without knowing anything about it; turns out it is a 1967 Swedish film. (“It was the 12th most popular film in the US in 1969.”) I see that CG started as a book in 1941… I wonder if there is any (even unconscious) connection in the name?

  4. Doubtful; I AM CURIOUS (YELLOW) had a companion film I AM CURIOUS (BLUE). Of course, if The Man in the Yellow Hat had introduced a supporting character called The Man in the Blue Hat, then you’d have a good case.

    Wikipedia entry for the BLUE variety says “The films are named after the colours of the Swedish flag. “

  5. @ narmitaj – I’ve never seen either of those two films, but it is extremely unlikely they had anything to do with “Curious George”. The “yellow” and “blue” in the films’ titles were almost certainly a reference to the colors of the Swedish flag.

  6. P.S. Kudos to Shrug for finding confirmation. The Wiki entry for Yellow didn’t say anything about the name.

  7. Obviously, George was curious about why these bipeds wear pants … and then it went horribly wrong.

  8. Why are we assuming the arrestee with the longish hair is male? Is it because women are stereotypically less likely to be arrested?

  9. Is it just me, or did anyone else think the two cops standing around drinking coffee was a nice touch?

  10. When I was in college there was a tradition of throwing someone into the shower (fully clothed) when he did something stupid. There was also a movie series to raise money for a lecture series.
    The movie series showed I was Curious (Blue). It was so bad that the guy responsible walked into the shower himself.
    I read the Curious George books to my kids long before there was a TV series. In real life that monkey would have spent a lot of time behind bars.

  11. I told you I was Curious. I never said that I was brave.

    “curious” as in bi-curious or “I am Curious Yellow” has long been established as meaning…. well, sexually curious and wanting to explore… possibly from the movie. (And that is pretty clearly the joke here.)

    namitaj: …. “I had never heard of Curious George”… wow! ….. “I see that CG started as a book in 1941″…. Double Wow!

    ….. okay, it’s very very rude to belittle another for not knowing something you consider very basic…. but is there a polite way to tell someone who hadn’t heard of something just how common it actually? …. To my mind this is akin to saying “I never heard of Charlie Brown or Snoopy though the appear on Hallmark cards… I see that they started in a comic strip in 1950” (which actually my 30 year friends might very well actually say….)

    Is there any polite way of saying that or am I condemned to be a patronizing Frazz-like git?

  12. The ‘I never heard of anything older than I am’ stuff boggles my mind.
    ‘I never heard of that expression’.
    Shut up.

  13. I had heard of Curious George for a long time. I finally read one to see what it was about. One was much more than enough. I only made it through the first few chapters of The Little Prince, which I came into expecting to like.

  14. “I had heard of Curious George for a long time. I finally read one to see what it was about. One was much more than enough.”

    Wow…. I am surprised. I can’t see anything objectionable in it (well, emotional and literarily; logistically there are issues)….

    Anyway for no reason there is this


  15. grawlix

    Yeah, yeah, I know. And I *do* try…. but sometimes I get floored…. I mean, we’re talking about Curious George ….

  16. “I mean, we’re talking about Curious George”

    Yes, but we’re also talking about people posting here from several countries.

  17. “Yes, but we’re also talking about people posting here from several countries.” Yeah, but it’s globally recognized….

  18. Honestly, I know about curious George because at some point 20 years ago, I was trying to learn as much as I could about ye basic American culture, i.e; spending a lot of time in American bookstores.

  19. Robert likes “Curious George” as did my younger sisters. I did not particularly like it.

    Both movies – Curious Yellow and Curious Blue had nothing to do with Curious George. Yellow was the first movie I saw with subtitles.

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