1. You don’t need to post the images, or even provide the links, but at least you could have named the offenders.

  2. Doesn’t eveyone “hoard” toilet paper? Or are there people out there buying a dozen squares at a time?

  3. There are people buying a dozen packages of 48 triple rolls at a time. Not everyone hoards at that level.

  4. Arthur,

    The explanation I heard was that it doesn’t have to be any one person hoarding, just a common impulse to ‘take an extra, just in case’.

  5. I have a tendancy to buy that sort of thing when it is on sale. I had been on a campaign to reduce my stocks before this.

  6. “Rich relations maybe give you
    A roll of Scott’s or such,
    You can have ‘all you want’
    Long as you don’t take too much.

    Your momma’s loo may have
    And your papa’ loo may have
    God bless the child that’s got its own,”

  7. Robert had been in a panic and bought an extra Costco sized package of TP back at the start of March even after my listing how much we already had in the house – of two different brands -over half a Costco package of main TP, Sealed Walmart sized package of his alternative, a started roll and 2 spare rolls in each bathroom of main, a started roll and spare roll of the alternative in each of the the 2 bathrooms plus a started roll of each and the same 2 +1 spare rolls out in the RV. He insisted he uses 2 rolls a week. This past weekend I changed a roll that ran out for the first time. I made sure to mention it to him.

    It is the matter of looking at things – related to half full/half empty – I try to reassure him that we have plenty of food – “See we have 3 jars with macaroni in them and I have another 5 unopened boxes. This comes out to him as we are almost out of macaroni. To me it means we have 5 boxes times 4 dinners a box or 20 meals plus the 3 jars worth. We cannot drink any of the 10 bottles – 2L each – of Diet Coke as we will run out – umm, lets have some of it? I did manage after 3 weeks to convince him we should drink the open bottle in the fridge or it would just go flat. His parents are combined in him and they are coming out more as he ages.

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