1. Umm…… So in spring break in Florida people jump from balconies onto crowds, and, uh, the Kind of Id frequently address throngs from the balcony as a regular set up, so, um, The king of id giving a speach isn’t a kid on spring break but wouldn’t it be surreal if we switched it mid-strip as though it was….. ha-ha?

    That’s what I got.

  2. I’m presuming the king is about to deliver some bad news regarding the State of the Kingdom, and decides instead to start a party.

  3. I think woozy and Grawlix have described what Mason had in mind when he drew this strip, but I agree with Bob: the whole setup is so utterly out of character for both the King and his usual audience that the joke just doesn’t work.

  4. I was surprised to see this comic was dated today (or yesterday). Even with the newspaper lead times, the pandemic has been going on long enough by now they shouldn’t be putting out stuff like this that’s kind of inappropriate. Or is this actually a pseudo-timely reference to the idiot kids joking a few weeks ago about getting coronavirus on spring break?

  5. This has been the reaction of an awful lot of college students to the current situation. I saw an animated graphic a few days ago that used cell phone tracking data. They took several hundred phones that were on a stretch of beach in Florida, and you could see how, over the next week or 10 days they spread through Miami and then across most of the US east of the Mississippi.

  6. @ CaroZ – I would assume that strips are contained in their own “universe”, which (in most cases) doesn’t have (or need) any connection to the current real-world situation. In addition, it is exceedingly difficult (virtually impossible) to pull a syndicated strip from the pipeline once it has been “released”. That’s why syndicates are supposed to have editors that check each strip before it goes into syndication. This strip wasn’t that funny (with or without corona), but I doubt that Mason drew it with corona in mind.

  7. Kilby, clearly there is no such editorial oversight, based on the number of old strips that are either incomprehensible to today’s readers or, in the case of older strips such as Mutt and Jeff, horribly racist by today’s standards.

    And, of course, the occasional new strip that anybody could have known would draw complaints.

  8. @ Bill – I wrote “…are supposed to have…” on purpose, but it could also have been “…used to have…”. Once upon a time, Walt Kelly drew a substitute “bunny rabbit” strip whenever he felt that some editors might be too timid to show the political material in the “regular” strip for the day. Decades later, Gary Larson’s syndicate still would not permit him to draw a toilet, although he did get away with a few outhouses. It’s a double-edged sword: I’m not advocating a return to narrow-minded censorship, but there are times when I miss those good old reliable copy editors who would catch idiocies before they made it into ink.

  9. I’m not sure the point. Is the contention that strips that aren’t including any references to the pandemic still be somehow sensitive to it? So the King should practice social distancing? Never have any more crowd scenes?

  10. Any reference to the pandemic didn’t even occur to me until somebody here mentioned it.

    My objection was the fact that it wasn’t even a little funny.

  11. Kilby – I know that our local paper (at least used to) pull some strips that were thought not to be whatever and substituted old strips – this was going in the earlier years of the Internet and I would go online if the strips looked odd and find the ones that were suppose to run there. That is how I started reading comics online that were not in our local paper and one day in an “Arlo” strip he made reference to CIDU (in some manner) which is how I found my way here.

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