1. I’ve been finding that there’s a bigger danger in VR than bumping into furniture you can’t see, and that is trying to lean on / step on / put your controllers down on things you can see that aren’t real…

    That, and occasionally stepping on the dog.

  2. I actually have a VR room in my house (it helps to be single and childless.)

    I suppose should clarify that it’s really my “computer room” but there is no furniture other than the computer desk and a single chair that I can easily wheel out of the way. Gives me about 12’x12′ for VR which sounds big but I run up against the wall more often than you’d think.

    “Room Scale” VR is nice to be sure, but because the market is presently small, most games and apps are designed around a seated or standing position anyway.

  3. In Rowan Atkinson’s third “Johnny English” movie, he takes a VR walk all the way through London. The interplay between the virtual scenes and what was actually happening was very well done, and hilarious.

  4. Third Johnny English movie?!?!!! The first one was unwatchable. I can’t imagine they got better.

  5. @ SB – How could you know it was “unwatchable” unless you have watched it? 😉 But seriously, I agree that none of the J.E. movies approaches the brilliance of “Blackadder”, but they are acceptable as parodies, especially for those who have grown weary of the interminable sameness of the James Bond films.

  6. I assume things described as “unwatchable” or “unreadable” are thus in the same way as super-sorta-hero The Tick is described as “nigh-invulnerable.” You have to mentally adjust to assume a little wiggle room.

    But I do get a bit irked at, say, dvd sets called things like “SHOW X: THE LOST EPISODES.” Since it says right on the box that they do exist and are reproduced therein, shouldn’t it be THE FORMERLY-THOUGHT-LOST EPISODES?

    Tthere’s also a famously silly 1960s pb anthology title: GREAT UNTOLD STORIES OF FANTASY AND HORROR. You’d think all the pages would be blank, but somehow . . . no.

  7. The GREAT UNTOLD STORIES were untold until NOW, now that they are published …. but that’s true of every story.

    And now, the Great True Real and Untold Story of CIDU Bill …. will not be told by me, because THAT would be TELLING!

  8. @Mark in Boston: Nice try, but the GREAT UNTOLD STORIES was an all-reprint anthology, so even the “untold until NOW” theory doesn’t work:


    I suppose one could argue that they were “written” rather than “told,” but it would be hard to prove that nobody had ever related versions aloud (especially of the once-famous “The Mysterious Card”).

  9. I have no problem with “the lost episodes”. If those who had known of those particular episodes called them as such, then titling the collection as such would be OK.

    And once you’re holding the collection in your hand, it should be obvious that they had been found. 🙂

  10. I don’t have much problem with “lost episode” as a shorthand for “episode long thought lost but now found”.

  11. Probably the king of “lost episodes” is Doctor Who: they destroyed most of the first two seasons because they assumed nobody would ever care. Over the years copies have reappeared, sometimes in odd places, and they’re routinely referred to as The Lost Episodes.

  12. That could be the title of the sequel where a bunch of bull-whip wielding research librarians brave the daunting bureaucracy of the government accounting office, and through forensic audits, attempt to track down the storage location of the Ark.

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