1. Hot and heavy is work and life on the couch is comfortable and all he really wants. And hes’ an impotent sot. Hot and heavy is actually kind of unpleasant for him and life on the couch is *really* *really* desirable.

  2. He’s bloated from having finished a big meal. He doesn’t want to go to bed (for things other than sleep), but just to the couch (to watch the TV which hasn’t yet been invented).

  3. @Arthur, not just to watch TV that hasn’t been invented, to watch the TV that he, himself, would find his job eliminated by should it show up.

  4. I first read this as the Fool referring to a psychiatrist’s couch — that any romance between them would would just wind up with both of them seeking professional help, so why not just make the appointments now and skip over the stuff that would set it off.

    On second reading, I decided that didn’t make much sense. But I’m not sure if any other reading does either. (And sense if hard enough, so “humor” is clearly *way* too much to ask for.)

  5. Not sure what to say about this…I think the general idea that he’s lazy and wants to skip the huggin and kissin and go directly to binge watching probably has it.

    What I like is that the waiter has a chef’s hat.

  6. Oscar Wilde: “Men marry because they are tired; women, because they are curious; both are disappointed.”

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