1. I forget where they’re located. Either the location or lead time might account for why the schools in the story are open and not relying on distance learning for all students.

  2. The problem here seems to be the syndicate’s publishing lag time. Read before the global school shutdown, it would have seemed prescient, and at least a little funny. Published after all the schools have long since been shut down, it just seems like nonsense. The authors should have yanked this strip when it became hopelessly outdated (probably just a week or two after it was written), but maybe they didn’t have any way to substitute for it after it was already in the pipeline.

  3. It took a long time for all schools in the state to close. I’m fine with the slight lag. Yesterday was the first day of my daughter’s distance learning, shows how far behind the curve we are

  4. Why is this a CIDU? As others said, there’s a lag time in publishing, but Bill presumably already knows that – in fact, his next post is an article about it.

    The joke is that the school isn’t doing anything particular for COVID-19. They just don’t want to deal with Cynthia anymore. Which punishes the parents by forcing them to be home with Cynthia.

    (On a related note, I keep hearing people talking about how to deal with all the free time them have now that they’re home all the time, and what videos they’re catching up on. I’m assuming these are all people without kids at home, because I find I have much less free time now.)

  5. WW, a CIDU because the third panel doesn’t really make sense in the context of the first two.

  6. Bill, I think it does. The man (I don’t know his name), surprised by the information the woman has just told him, is asking if all schools are taking steps to keep kids home for remote learning, and implicitly Cynthia’s school by association. The woman was also curious about this and had already asked the school if this was the case. The reply was no, only for Cynthia.

    I thought this was fairly amusing.

  7. Sorry, still not seeing it: they’re already at the point where they’re sending kids home for safety’s sake, but they’re only sending school seems to be sending troublesome Cynthia.

  8. Are you missing the question mark in panel 2?

    They’re not sending kids home for safety’s sake. It’s a few weeks ago, and not all schools are closed. Some schools are closing, so it’s reasonable for Barney to guess in panel 2 that they’re sending kids home for safety’s sake, but then we find out in panel 3 that he’s wrong. Cynthia is getting sent home because she’s annoying the teachers, not because of anything related to COVID-19.

  9. In other words, the school district doesn’t think COVID-19 is serious enough to close, and all the other kids will continue to come to school.

  10. Winter Wallaby – While I am guessing the family in the strip lives in school district with well off people, some school districts are having a problem closing and having students do remote learning.

    Some districts have bought Chromebooks and tried to set up access points for the children to use as not all to most of the children have neither computers or Internet access at home due to finances. One district could not afford to give all students same and gave the computers to the junior high and older children and sent the elementary age children home with paper packets of lessons.

    There was a article of a family in NYC where the children have to stay up late as they have to wait for their dad to come home from work so they can use his cell phone to do their homework as they have no computer or Internet.

    And then there are families like Robert’s sister. Well off, but have one computer for the entire family as they don’t know how to use it. (SIL wanted to get rid of her drawers of data cards for her camera but did not know how to copy it to the family computer. Older niece – high school age – did not know how to do so either nor did elementary age niece or BIL. Robert had to show them and write it down for them.) And SIL is helping the younger – 9 yo – niece to do her homework by remote learning on the computer – Robert gets a lot of text messages.

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