1. Since nobody understood my last comment on the subject: the best solution for ugly, unfunny comics is not to inflict them on “random comments”, or anywhere else, but simply to ignore them.

  2. I believe that at last report, less than a week ago, it was Death 18, #TeamPinocchio 7, so I question the assertion that “Death comics virtually died three weeks after you announced DeathMatch.” Although I haven’t gone back to review the score three weeks after DeathMatch was announced.

  3. I know we’re not supposed to comment on how terrible the artwork is. So instead I’ll say that God took the rib out of Adam to create Eve; Eve isn’t really to blame for this.

  4. It looks like Death appeared 14 times in the first three weeks (through February 23), and then 4 times in the 17 days (almost 3 weeks) since.

    If that’s not Death Taking a Holiday, I don’t know what is.

  5. If Adam still has that bandage eight months later, I think there might be something seriously wrong. And you’d think if God can turn a rib into an entirely new human being, he’d be a lot neater about removing that rib in thr first place.

  6. @ B.A. – It’s not a “joke” per se, but in the hands of someone who could draw it could have been worth a smile as a cute “slice of life in Eden” scene: Eve is griping that Adam is still bearing a grudge over his lost rib. That’s all it is. The problem is that there is absolutely nothing appealing about either character, so the reader never has a chance to get drawn into the situation. Adam’s glare is understandable from the setup, but the sympathy that the reader would ordinarily have for Eve (as the “wronged” party) is utterly destroyed by the fact that she looks like she’s been gargling with Drāno.
    P.S. As Arthur quite correctly points out, the panel is further undermined by the near miss on length of a full-term pregnancy; changing “8 months” to “a year and half” would have been a (modest) improvement, but not enough to salvage the artwork.

  7. They are both wearing “clothing”, so this is after they have eaten from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil, so they have already been kicked out of the Garden of Eden. If they are out on their own, no longer under direct, Divine care, Adam’s suppurating wound is likely going to kill him. Though, according to Genesis 2:17 ( https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Genesis+2%3A17&version=NRSV), he should be dead already. So, what we see here is that God is a loving Father, who watches over us and preserves us from our own folly, even as he disciplines us, for he has kept them alive.

  8. Adam: God.. this garden is great and all. But… I’d really like someone I can share it with. The animals are fun, but.. I need a companion.
    God: I can give you someone that will care for you, tend to your every need. Be there for you without question and will be an ideal mate for you for all eternity! It will cost you and arm and a leg.
    Adam: What can I get for rib?

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