1. Odd that this was conceived before the toilet paper, gloves and masks disappeared from the shelves because of the SchlitzVirus. (Good thing they don’t make Product 19 anymore … no cervezas por favor.)

  2. Yes, and I think the idea in the cartoon is specific to the spring-forward switch. But I agree with Bob, both directions of switching are a disturbance.

  3. I agree, Mitch. The spring-forward is the rough one. I wonder what became of a bill last year in Tennessee to go to DST year-round. Ideal would be Standard Time year-round like Arizona has, but failing that DST year-round at least alleviates the annual sleep deprivation assault on everyone.

  4. Catlover, when I saw the comic last night, before I read the caption, I thought How did he get this published do quickly???

    At my local supermarket yesterday, people were panic-buying water. Seriously, if the Black Plague arrived tomorrow morning, the water supply would remain intact.

  5. Bill, the run here in Seattle started more than two weeks ago with all of the Costcos running out of bottled water and toilet paper. There was a two-hour wait to just get inside a Costco.The TV stations keep telling people to plan, not panic and then the next Covid-19 story they do makes it sound as if the world is ending. Obviously there is reason to be concerned but people are acting irrationally. There was a 25 year-old guy on the news the other night who said he had all of the symptoms of the virus so had gone to the emergency room. Three times. There are a lot of hypochondriacs out there and unfortunately they get in the way for people who are really sick.

  6. @CIDU Bill: ” the water supply would remain intact.”

    Wow! A posting using the word “intact” which neither the author nor the spellchecker changed to “in tact.” Bravo!

  7. Unca $crooge, if we’re talking about a virus, stocking up on toilet paper isn’t illogical. Please don’t make me explain.

    Water, though, I can’t rationalize.

    I suspect part of the water panic-buying is BECAUSE they’re rationing it: “They must know something I don’t.”

    Back at the supermarket a few minutes ago (my wife needed an apple, long story), I saw they now have an official list of rationed items — sanitizers, soaps, cleaning items — and at the end Drinking Water.

  8. We’re on the MWRA, & the water is great
    City to the South is on their own, and the water is…meh at best
    See someone buying bottled water: How are things in C?
    How did you now?
    I really can’t spare hours in March

  9. Things are pretty calm here in MO. I did see a woman at Aldi with a mask a week ago, but she was elderly and that might have been for other reasons.

  10. A friend just told me a wonderful German word: Hamsterkauf. It means to do what these people are doing: to buy up as much as you can of things in anticipation of a supposed shortage. Just like a hamster stuffing his cheeks.

  11. While the word “Hamsterkauf” does exist in German, I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in singular before. By its very nature, it’s something one normally sees only in plural (“Hamsterkäufe“), or occasionally in verb form (“hamsterkaufen“). It was a common phenomenon during and immediately after WWII, and later became almost a tradition in East Germany (because some products were scarce, people would buy them whenever they became available, either for later use, or to trade for other items).

  12. Bill, I agree with you on the bottled water and posted a similar comment hours before your post on another site. Toilet paper is, of course, necessary if you are quarantined but you really don’t need more than you normally use as this is a respiratory ailment. People are buying multiple packages of those big honking packages that Costco is famous for. My wife showed me a video a short while ago of one of the Costcos around here opening this morning and it was a zoo, kind of like Best Buy selling 60-inch Sonys for $100. It was so bad that they were running out of some of the free food samples.

  13. Unca $crooge, I actually did not know that this was a respiratory ailment: my focus has been elsewhere the past couple of weeks.

    In that case, then, toilet paper is off the panic-buy list.

  14. It’s primarily respiratory but many people have, um, intestinal symptoms too. Still, I imagine the runs on TP are more about people imagining being unable to go to the store for weeks, rather than worries about the other kind of “runs.”

  15. …and props to Parisi here for depicting the dizzying variety of packages coffee is sold in these days. A lesser artist would have just drawn cans or bags.

  16. Wouldn’t people who (wastefully) use bottled water for their everyday drinking purposes also need to stock up in case of quarantine?

  17. The local supermarket has a filtered water dispenser that sells for under a dollar a gallon. When I had the water shut off for a couple days last summer, I used that.

  18. I received my order of beetroot powder yesterday. It’s rich in nutrients, can keep blood pressure in check and supports good brain health. I haven’t been involved fighting for the good organic coffee at Aldi market, it sure helps increase my focus in the morning. 🙂

  19. Oh, good, a chance for me to bitch about DST. Along with all the other stupidities associated with it, we have a not-particularly-cheap clock we bought many years ago that does the DST switch automatically. Only it predates the change in switch dates, and you can’t turn that feature off (I guess they decided they didn’t want to sell to AZ). So instead of switching twice a year, I get to do it four times a year. Grr.

    As a techie for over 40 years, this kind of thing really grinds my gears.

  20. The other day I read about an Australian woman that meant to order 48 rolls of toilet paper but instead accidentally ordered 48 boxes, like over 2000 rolls. I was thinking when she got to the page where it asks for payment would a reasonable person not question why the cost is 400 times more?

  21. Walmart here has empty shelves both in the Neighborhood Market store and the regular (but smaller than almost all others) store that we have here. We have fallen into a pattern of basically buying dinner for one or two nights at a time – and lunch we eat at Wendys – daily – plus throw in that our fridge died during the year and our basement small spare freezer needed a major defrosting of several years worth of frost and we don’t have much food in the house – basically things such as the unused hot dogs in the package that has been opened and other used, ditto frozen vegetables, chicken patties, and a few other items like that. So we were lacking in food if we had to stay in the house for more than a day or two – other than the chicken patties and he does not like them, but we buy them at BJs and just did so, so we have a 10 of them left.

    After giving in to him about not going to work in Manhattan this week – client’s corporation taxes due out by Friday and I needed info to do her sales taxes by the 20th and have not been there since January, so I mailed the return to her and have to hope she can deal with it with herself with the directions I attached – NYS is the worst – “sign and date on page 6 of the return, check must be stapled to the first page where I highlighted… – and will call her tomorrow to see if she received them and help her and she read off the 5 sales she made in February so I could do the sales taxes for her… I decided to try the waters on buying food for 2 weeks for dinner and lunch trying not to set off his hypochondria. I made a list and he had me remove many items.

    We went shopping today – first to the WM Neighborhood Market as soups and thing cost much less there – but they were almost out, bought what we could. Then we we drove to the supermarket we usually go to – which shares the parking lot with the WM near us (maybe 1/4 the size at most of normal ones) and checked there – out of same items. Then to the supermarket for what we did not find in WM and also things like some meat, he likes their bread better than WM’s, potatoes (3 stew meals on the list) as the Neighborhood market requires one to buy potatoes in bags – no loose potatoes, and the like. I figure I have enough for 12 dinners and a few less lunches. Presuming we can go out again tomorrow – and no one seems to planning for us to have to stay in – maybe we will go to the other supermarket near us and see what they have that might entice to buy. (Two other supermarkets in the area are chains that are closing.)

    We are suppose to take my mom to one of her doctors on Monday. We really think that she should not go out – she will be 91 the end of the month and has several medical conditions – hence why I said “one of her doctors” so she seems high risk and it seems to us that they should not be letting visitors in to her assisted living residence. I am going to call her surgeon and see if, since we are pretty sure it is a consultation and not an exam, if it can be done by phone with us so mom does not have to be out of her residence. Then I have to call her oncologist and see if she needs to go for infusions of iron or if she is okay and what can be done if she does need to go and put off the doctors for awhile.

  22. Oh – and Robert did buy a spare package of toilet paper at Costco last Sunday – we only have 3/4 of package from them already sitting here. My reaction was that I didn’t know the virus affects one intestinal track. He apparently thinks we go through a package every 2 months – more like maybe twice a year As he panics over various items – I point out that there is more of the out in the RV. He was looking at spare tissues – which at least make more sense and I pointed that we bought a package there last weekend which has not been opened as there are still some from last packages unopened.

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