1. Kilby: of course it was intentional 🙂
    WW: point was those would not be the exceptions, which I think was disagreeing with both of you, but it’s hardly important.

    as for noodles in chocolate sauce… maybe rice noodles and add dried orange peel and some anise. And it would have to count as dessert.

  2. Kilby/Christine: The “cosmopolitan” comment was tongue-in-cheek

    Dave: I disagree about whether we were disagreeing, but ranking by importance, that’s perhaps the least possible disagreement possible. Agreed?

  3. Cool link, Brian.

    She has a fun channel. She has a second one for her adventures in beekeeping.

  4. @Meryl A: instead of speaking doctor-ese, have him try pilot-ese sometimes: it’s easy and you get free trips 😉

  5. larK – My dad taught me basics of the car – checking the oil & how to put same in, how to pump gas, removing the air filter and sticking a pencil in the carburetor when it stuck, calling AAA for a flat or tow, and such. I knew what problems various engine sounds meant. Not as much as a 1950s teenage boy, but more than most 1960s/70s girls did.

    Robert’s dad taught him about the same -except the carburetor trick, (he was very impressed when I did it) and they called the gas station in stead of AAA

    We were out with another couple while he was in grad school in the other woman’s car. (The two guys were in the same master’s degree program.) The car has some sort of problem and she pulled over. We sat in the car while the guys got out – raised the hood and looked at the engine. We heard the other guy say “Yep, that’s an engine.” Robert agreed. The two of us got out – she did something to engine (I have forgotten what – but not the pencil in the carburetor trick) and we were on our way.

    We are very lucky to have had good and reliable mechanics since before we were married – the kind that don’t talk around me to him – but might talk around him to me when we have a problem to understand what the problem is. The kind that when I explain that whenever I stopped in traffic on the way from Manhattan in traffic the car stalled do not do the do “stupid woman” reaction even when they can not reproduce the problem. (Found it after car did the same thing on way home the next month and it is related to a problem that the car should be recalled for – not just settlement of class action suit.)

  6. Lark – my high school did not have a number of the things you mention. In Junior high girls took Home economics for 2 years. Boys took shop for same. I did learn to sew on a sewing machine in Home Ec and how to cook as one is suppose to – one cannot use a spoon that is used to eat soup with to measure – one needed measuring spoons, one must put out a centerpiece (which I do not do at home – the 2 indoor/out thermometers, the diabetes meters, the cell phones, the telephone answering machine, the tiny plates with pills to take at meals, the outlet/light switch bought to replace the downstairs bathroom last summer, etc. take up enough room) and how to properly hand wash dishes – something I still use at home, at reenactments and when his sister has us for Christmas dinner and her dishwasher is still not working and she still does not have hot water in her kitchen sink after 3 years of same.

    I know that when my niece (31) and nephew (28) were in high school they had a choice of these classes across the assigned by sex line – my niece took woodworking and needed help from Robert for example. No idea what if anything his niece (18) took in classes such as this.

  7. lark – left out of last post – did not learn any cooking in kindergarten unless it was taught in May or June as I missed same as we had moved. Robert remembers learning to sew in kindergarten and first grade in Brooklyn, but out here he was behind in classes having had time taken up learning same.

    My first sewing was embroidering and was taught to me by my great aunt.

  8. Mitch4 – Only time I saw English muffin pizza was in home ec – we made it with tomato juice, mozzarella cheese and oregano. Have never made it since we started dating – I think he would run out of the house screaming if I made it – he gets upset enough at the description.

  9. Olivier – It might help us if we flew anywhere. He suffers from motion sickness. We don’t fly, take buses or trains (okay a very short – 1 to 3 stop – subway ride – maybe on a good day) and I can only drive him in the car under VERY limited circumstances – even on the way home from his first cataract surgery I had to pull over as he was getting sick and he drove home with one eye and my paying a lot of attention and giving instructions.

    He went on a trip to California and Mexico by plane with his parents before I knew him and neither the flight there or the one home went well.

  10. I do not like most sauces and condiments (big exceptions being brown or turkey gravy and tomato gravy (sauce). So I am a picky eater – though my mom does not remember me being so. No catsup, mustard, mayo, salad dressings, etc. When on Weight Watchers as a teenager and I had to fish – something I have always hated – I would have tuna from the can – nothing added to it – wrapped in a lettuce leaf and thrown down my throat as fast as I could.

  11. When my kids were in high school a dozen or so years ago, physical driver’s had already been eliminated: what the school called “driver’s ed” was preparation for the written test required to get their learner’s permit.

    In fact, the state accepted passing the class as having passed the test for the learner’s permit.

  12. Meryl, Automat tomato soup was still a thing in my lifetime.

    (Well, I guess that’s no surprise, since I was living in New York and going to the Automat when Midnight Cowboy was written)

  13. My vivid memories of boys/shop and girls/home ec are the shop teacher throwing hammers at us, and the day the girls came into English class with a big plate of cookies. Halfway through the class, in a classic display of sangfroid, the English teacher said “Girls, these cookies have walnuts in them, don’t they?” Told they did, he said “I thought so. I’m violently allergic to walnuts. Excuse me.” And he left the room, and he wasn’t back in class for a couple of days.

    (And yes, he probably should have asked that question before he ate any cookies)

  14. WW: sure.

    Some years back I figured out how to make decent english muffin pizzas, but I’ve not done it in ages and apparently forgotten the tricks. But it definitely requires thyme as well as oregano if you want it to taste “right”. Probably also a bit of garlic.

  15. Oh, and it’s important to use a toaster oven that lets you control the top and bottom at least semi-independently, so both the exposed side and the side covered with tomato paste (or tomato sauce, can’t even remember which I settled on) and melty stuff both come out done the right amount.

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