1. But if he doesn’t have Celiac’s disease, why is anyone concerned about his gluten levels?

  2. Frying pan dough boy is too far away to reach her. And given her colouring and stature, I think she might be an Oompah Loompah.

  3. Maybe Frying Pan Dough Boy is waiting for her to be done with the oven: no point wasting a good tray of brownies.

  4. @ beckoningchasm – That bird is so out of place in this artwork that it made me look back to that horrid “Cured Ham” panel, in which the bird appears on a lady’s purse in the foreground. It would seem that the disease of the signature “Where’s Waldo” character is spreading around to other strips. Even if this xeroxed bird is more appealing than Close to Home’s malformed “space alien”, it’s getting pretty tiresome.

  5. By “got the finger” does it mean when the cook pokes him in the belly and he giggles? Does that still happen or is it another geezer thing?

  6. I think the bird is just the decoration on the towel that is on, which is hanging from a towel ring on the wall.

    Robert tends to avoid things labeled gluten free. All Diabetics should avoid carbs as much as possible (and we lean towards the “whether they are simple carbs or complex carbs/fibers” they affect the blood sugar of both of us the same way (the same for both types of carbs). However, he is particularly sensitive to rice and cannot have rice or his blood glucose jumps high. Since much of the gluten free items are made using rice, he has to avoid them.

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