1. I did my own vehicle-based DEATH cartoon about 25 years ago, though no-one published it. Perhaps it was/is not clear that Death is in a following vehicle with his function represented, like AMBULANCE, on the bonnet (hood); it looks a bit too much like he is in the rear seat.

  2. @ beckoningchasm – That makes one of us. I thought putting just his “name” on the plate was lacking in imagination and unnecessarily heavy handed. I’m not sure what would have been better; all I could come up with was “BORN2KILL”, although I doubt there are many (if any) states that allow nine characters on a vanity plate.

  3. Kilby, I agree with your idea of something other than Death’s name on the plate, but I think it was mentioned on a different thread that Death doesn’t actually do the killing.

  4. @narmitaj – I like all three cartoons, but I agree with the assessment on the first one–it looks like he’s in the back seat, clutching an instrument case (maybe his scythe is a folding model).

  5. @ Mark M – That’s very true. In that case, how about “BORN2DIE” or perhaps “&TAXES” ? (I don’t know about other states, but I do know that Virginia allows the ampersand.)
    P.S. I once saw a Virginia plate that read “ISS MICH”. In addition to proving that they accept at least seven and probably even eight characters, it also showed that their censors don’t understand German. I seriously doubt that they would have approved a plate that said “EAT ME”.

  6. Kilby, I’m sure it was all fun and games until the day he was caught speeding by a cop who spoke German.

  7. @beckoningchasm – thinking of it now, a quarter century later, I should have made the live driver a speeding motorcyclist; then the following DEATH black ambulance/hearse vehicle would have been more obvious.

    I was once held up on the M4 motorway in a three-lane traffic jam due to a motorbike accident. The news report is still available: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-berkshire-32857371

    It was only about half a mile or a mile ahead of me, so if I had set off a couple of minutes earlier I would have been ahead of it (though then the traffic pattern mix would have been different and maybe it would not have happened at all).

    Luckily – for me – I was fairly near the head of the traffic queue that built up, and as you can see from the news report it happened at a junction. Once I saw the air ambulance land and depart, the police started letting people filter off at the exit slip road (off-ramp), onto the roundabout, and back down the on slip road, bypassing the crash. The three lanes of the M-way themselves were closed for four hours, so some people behind me would have been held up for ages.

    I was on my way to see Al Stewart at the Royal Albert Hall, incidentally. I made it with minutes to spare. But it made me think about how suddenly your whole world can come to an end… the chap on the bike could have had 30+ more years life but one error that afternoon *paf!* and he is gone. Maybe he had been heading for the gig too.

    https://viennesewaltz.net/2015/06/23/alstewart-2/ for someone else’s report on the concert itself. For completeness.

  8. Odd. I wrote a comment – which had two links – and pressed POST COMMENT and then it disappeared. If it is held in moderation I can usually still see it, just with a note it is being held for moderation. Assuming I had made an error, I resent it – and the program said, oops, duplicate, you seem to have sent this already. I made a couple of changes, and sent again, and again it disappeared. So apologies, I may really have duplicated – or on the other hand, possibly nothing has come through.

  9. @ narmitaj – When that happens, it’s worth sending Bill an e-mail to report it. On rare occasions, WordpRess throws a comment past both “Moderation” & “Spam” so that it lands in the “Trash” folder. Just like everything else that WoRdpRess does, there’s no reason for it, it’s simply random capriciousness.

  10. In this case Bill said he had to rescue it manually from spam (not moderation), and as Kilby suggested, he has no idea why WordPress selected it to put there.

  11. Yeah, what narmitaj said: the Spam and Trash folders are WordPress’s toxic waste dump. Unlike Moderation, >99% of what’s there belongs there, so nothing gets rescued unless I’m specifically looking for it.

  12. I’m sure it’s just coincidence, but exactly 3 weeks after you announced DeathMatch, Death comics suddenly dried up.

  13. My next question was whether there would be more comments/complaints regarding moderation than Death comics.

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