Mister Potato Head Celebrates Getting is Own Tag on CIDU

mister potato head

“This is even better than when they let me put my hand prints in the sidewalk in front of Grauman’s Chinese Theater, because my hands got stuck in the concrete and I had order replacement parts.”


  1. Me too. You weren’t constrained in exactly where you put the pieces. If you wanted both eyes on the same side of the nose like Picasso or Peppa Pig you could just put them there.

  2. Pixar animated both the eyes and the shoes as separate pairs of pieces, but I wasn’t able to find a plastic version of the toy that permitted them to be separated. However, I did discover a wide range of silly spinoffs, including Mr. Potato Head “Frylo Ren”. Ugh.

  3. When I was a tyke (early 60s) the facial pieces were still more creepy than cute. I recall ads that promoted using additional vegetables to give Mr. Potatohead a nutritionally balanced peer group.

    Looking back, I wonder if the plastic spud was caused by too many kids wasting food.

  4. The whole idea of Mr. Potato Head was that kids played with food anyway. So it feels kind of sad that it entirely a plastic doll now.

  5. My kids are long past the appropriate age, but if we had ever had a MPH here in the house, I would have been sorely tempted to use a drill to perforate the entire plastic body, just to let them put the accessories anywhere they wanted.

  6. Jim Davis’ Mr. Potato Head comic strip was a CIDUWIE, a comic I don’t understand why it existed. I mean, I understand that someone offered to pay Jim Davis for it and that Jim Davis is all about that… but why someone thought paying Jim Davis for it is a mystery to me.

  7. @ billytheskink – Wow. I thought your were joking, but I looked it up, and you’re right, it’s a “CWNJRFIE” (a “Comic With No Justifiable Reason For Its Existence“). Davis admits that he did it, but he doesn’t provide any examples, and I couldn’t find any details about how long it actually lasted.

  8. Davis’ Mr. Potato Head strip ran for just under 2 years, from July 2001 to June 2003. My local paper carried it for less than a year, though, despite celebrating its arrival to their then-enormous 3.5 page daily comics section with much fanfare. I doubt it last long at most other papers either.

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