1. I’m on board with Kilby, but I also that he might be too incompetent to do this, further demonstrating his lack of skills or knowledge. I also thought it was pretty good.

  2. I agree that the joke was that plain and, well, simple.

    q.v. (quod vide) means “which see” and refers to material mentioned in text. Perhaps you meant “I don’t understand what he thinks he’s seeing” or something like that?

  3. I liked it. Not only has the applicant made himself look bad by having no special skills or education, he’s shown that he’s also too lazy/incompetent to remove the negative parts of his resume.

  4. When I was a graduate student in the 1970s, I lived in an apartment that had been used by several generations of students. In an earlier era, the apartment was occupied by some law students.

    One day, I was going through the closet, and found some old resumes that one of the legal scholars had left behind. He had included a section, “Favorite Activities: Spectator sports”.

  5. He didn’t delete the section because he didn’t know how. Not only doesn’t he have any special skills or education, he had none at all.

  6. Better than listing something such as “farting the alphabet” or knowing how convert a single firing rifle to rapid fire?

    (Sorry if this goes into moderation Bill).

  7. Meryl, there’s really very little that triggers Moderation. The majority of comments that go into Moderation are there because of Who the hell knows?

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