1. My friend who has some diplopia (along with other vision factors) gets glasses with a prism component to shift the images and allow fusion. This prism functionality is implemented via a layer with something like a Fresnel lens. She hasn’t gotten a really good pair yet, apparently due to miscommunication between the specialist at the eye clinic and the Optician office.

  2. Perhaps it is just a wiseacre in the cartoon making a joke. As you suggest, if the character really thought it was a single circle that he was seeing double, then he should also be seeing the word diplopia double, and the board and the other peeps.

    Monty Python did a short documentary about prepping to climb the twin peaks of Kilimanjaro with this sort of hurdle to overcome: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2w36mb

  3. But I stray.
    Yes, the comic is a bit uncertain. I think what we’re seeing is in fact what’s on the screen or the board. So it does say “Diplopia” and that might be the topic for teaching or discussion. But then are the exaggerated overlapping circles an illustration of the phenomenon? Or as the guy suggests, a venn diagram for classification? But does he think he may be looking at a single circle and just seeing it doubled because of diplopia? When he has not previously had that diagnosed?

  4. @ It’s Justme … or would the proper form of address be “Its Justyou” ?
    I actually like your original statement better (with the “job” typo).

  5. I think it’s one of those demonstrations of what people see with different conditions. In any case, it’s badly done.

  6. @Kilby, I don’t think we stand on formality here. You can call me “Its.” After all, it’s my first name.

  7. People used to say that El Greco’s paintings were full of tall thin people because he had astigmatism and that’s how he saw people in real life. I always thought this sounded daft, as his painted thinner-than-real people would, when finished, look even MORE tall and thin to him… surely his painted characters would match his real-life subjects, whether or not he had astigmatism, unless he deliberately made them skinnier. And apparently someone did investigate this about 25 years ago: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg14719962-400-el-greco-had-style-not-astigmatism/ : ‘Anstis decided to put the astigmatism theory to the test. “Why calculate what you can observe experimentally?” he asked.’

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