1. As I recall, Tom Hanks is a FedEx employee, it is a FedEx plane that goes down, and an unopened FedEx package is a secondary plot point.

  2. beckoningchasm, the Tom Hanks character was a Fed Ex employee, on a cargo flight delivering Fed Ex packages from one country to another. The plane crashed stranding him on the island, with a few random Fed Ex packages to help him survive.

    I’m not sure why this is a CIDU. Is it the date? Making fun of pop culture, some of it decades old, is the entire premise of the strip.

  3. I seem to remember this comic – and much commentary – from some time ago. I think I commented then that the Welcome Home party featuring sushi was a big laugh for me.

  4. Thanks, folks, but what I meant was, did FedEx do something to make the plane crash? Use defective parts or something? Because these people coming out of the theater look like they’re thinking “I am working for the wrong company!”

  5. The plane crashed due to a violent storm. The company was involved with the production, seeing it as showing the company in a good light. The CEO even had a cameo.

  6. In an amusing bit of personal synchronicity, my son’s class just watched “Cast Away”, to complement the book “Robinson Crusoe“, which they will be reading over the next few weeks (in German, but luckily an abridged edition). He started describing the plot when he came home, and was a little surprised when I was able to tell him what happened in the rest of the movie, even before he had named the title.
    P.S. I showed him the comic above, but he didn’t think it was that funny.

  7. I don’t know if it’s apocryphal, but I’d read that filming was suspended for a year so that Tom Hanks could lose the weight (and grow the hair and beard?) . . . I guess make-up can’t fake everything.

    Despite the criticisms and the ‘errors’ detected, it’s a movie I like. I think seeing it on the small screen might’ve made it easier (for me) to watch; once was enough, tho.

  8. This was an actual thing. At the time of the release, a co-workers husband was working at FedEx and they were all given tickets to go so the movie.

    I have yet to see it and I have been meaning to do so.

  9. I’m not surprised that they were given tickets, or possibly special screenings in Memphis or other places. What I would doubt is the stunned looks of the people leaving.

  10. @ Andréa – It’s not apocryphal, I remember reading about Hanks gaining weight for the role when the film was released, but it turns out that he did both.

  11. That was interesting. I never knew this . . . “The concept was later developed and pitched with the title Nowhere, which later turned into the ABC show Lost”, altho the few episodes I watched seemed awf’ly familiar.

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