1. That’s barbaric!

    Wesley Snipes and Emmett Walsh will not have the staying power of Mr. P!

  2. Death has never stopped other iconic figures from appearing in comic strips. Maybe that’s where you go after you die. Maybe the crowd scenes of many a strip feature the recently deceased.

  3. The article referred to a “pre-game ad”, so nothing’s final (yet). It’s obvious that the advertising agency was counting on the same kind of ancillary exposure that they are getting right now from CIDU. I would also bet that in a later (Superbowl) ad, the character will be resurrected, perhaps with a slightly more modern outfit.

  4. And THAT’s why I continually check out CIDU – the extra bits of knowledge and the links we all share. The Smithsonian article and videos were very interesting. Thanks, Kilby!

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