1. I can’t see why either sort should suddenly become a trend: I think we will see more “Death” comics.

  2. Did I miss something? Are matroyshkas trending on some meme watch? Is Gesundheit also on some upward trend?

  3. Considering the current political events, we’ve seen quite a number of Russian dolls comics already.

  4. SBill, I’ve just been noticing an uptick in both gags lately; and since this is the first comic I’ve seen that combines the two, I thought this would be a good time to begin a super-scientific study.

  5. So, who sneezed? The littlest one, in the center? And that knocked all the others off their bases?
    Or the big one on the outside? And her sneezing shook up the whole place? That coould work, but it looks like she’s the one saying “Gesundheit!” (not “Sorry!”).

  6. Well obviously, Death is the undisputed winner: it would be silly to even try to compare him to anybody or anything else.

    I have to wonder sometimes whether cartoonists have some odd obsession with Death.

  7. @ Mitch4 – Correct, the little one did the sneezing. When I first saw this comic, I thought her mouth was supposed to be a self-satisfied smirk, but when I zoomed in just now, it looked more like she is wrinkling her nose to recover from the explosion.

  8. Another Russian doll cartoon: the matryoshka is standing at the box office of a movie theater, and the clerk says “Are you sure you need only one ticket?”

  9. Mark, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen the “nesting doll sneaking everybody else into the movie theatre” gag at least three times over the past few years.

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