1. Where IS this? The jungle? The monkey has a vine, so it must be the jungle? Why is there a pit (with a very precisely dug opening) full of old computers in the jungle? What?

  2. I take this to take place after the apocalypse and we devolved into monkeys and all our computers were abandoned into a landfill.

    I also take it that the cartoonist thought the wry observation that after an apocalyptic event that are computers will sit unused but waiting was funny and edgy.

    This fails on just about every possible level but I think that is what is going on. What I’m wondering is if the cartoon depicted the computers as 80s and early 90 cathode ray tubes and beige keyboards is because that’s what he thinks a cartoon reader will recognize as “computer technology” or if they are intended to be obsolete and abandoned computers of the past.

    Alternative explanation. Humans abandoned old computers and monkeys (primitive human like) think if they can get them working they’ll have the riches of humans.

    That explanation fails on *more* than every possible level.

  3. You’d have to be a monkey to think there was any money in recycling old electronics?

    It’s a discussion about the environmental effects of short-lifecycle tech products, in which old electronics which contain toxic heavy metals are dumped into the jungle, while we are assuming that SOMEBODY is recycling them, but stripping usable materials from electronics is so labor-intensive that you need to pay third-world starvation wages in order to break even, so only nonhuman primates would work cheaply enough to make it work?

  4. “You’d have to be a monkey to think there was any money in recycling old electronics? ”

    That’s close to what I thought. You’d have to have monkey brains to think that working obsolete computer equipment is worth anything. I don’t know if it still happens, but it used to be the case that some people would put their old computers up for sale with asking prices somewhere near what they had paid a few years ago.

  5. There can be money in recycling computers, but you don’t get them working to do that. In fact the opposite, make sure they never work again.

  6. It’s simpler than that…even the monkeys know that people don’t properly wipe their drives when tossing out old computers. Get enough working, and the credit card autofills will make them rich.

  7. I think it’s a riff on the idea that if you get enough monkeys typing, one of them will eventually write a work of art.

  8. Obsolete computer equipment that isn’t whitebox PC parts mostly is worth something, to collectors and necrocomputing enthusiasts. Not a lot, though.

  9. t if you get enough monkeys typing, one of them will eventually write a work of art.

    Wait , I think this guy’s got something! … To be … or … not to be .. that is … the .. gzornenplatz

    (Bob Newhart)

  10. Mr. Burns takes the page from the monkey’s typewriter and reads (the monkey takes a cigarette break):

    “‘It was the best of times,
    It was the …blurst of times?!’
    Stupid monkey!”

  11. @ Andréa – If you (or anyone else) is not familiar with “Allegro Non Troppo“, then I definitely recommend getting it on DVD (or streaming it, or whatever). It doesn’t have quite the same animation quality of “Fantasia” (of which it is a delightful parody), but it has an irreverent humor that the Disney film lacks.
    P.S. I have no idea how good the English (spoken) translation might be: I have the Italian DVD, which has somewhat defective English subtitles (that mostly show up a split second too late). However, the spoken text occurs only in the live-action interludes, the animated pieces are entirely instrumental.

  12. Old computers must be worth a fortune – old TVs and such also based on what one has to do to throw them out. One has to be there during certain hours which end around 3 pm. One can come in a van, but it must have seats, no writing on it and no racks on the roof. One has to show ID at the security booth to drive into the dump site and after doing so, one gets a pass to go to the dump area. One than stops at folding chair and shows their pass. Then – under a humongous tent like cover one parks and throws what one has into the specified sorting bins for everything.

    (Okay real reason for the security is that they do not want businesses or non-town residents dropping off garbage for the town to deal with at its cost.)

    We hate going there, but have gone twice in the last year – first time to clear out part of the basement, second time when my beloved monitor finished dying.

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