1. What she really meant to say is “Do you think they are doing something that I’m not allowed to explicitly describe in a family newspaper?

  2. Yeah, what do you want her to say?

    Besides, it’s really Bernice avoiding the question. And they’re not juniors; time in the strip isn’t real-time. They might be sophomores or might still be freshmen.

  3. Bernice isn’t being prudish: she’s making fun of Luann’s search for euphemisms, and also thinks it’s not their business to speculate and gossip about Gunther’s sex life..

  4. If you are real quiet when reading this strip, you can actually hear Greg Evans giggling…

  5. What I’ve been wondering about in these recent strips is Bernice’s attitude. Her surface of non-judgmental neutrality seems to be covering something else, if not actual jealousy then a sort of “proxy jealousy”. I just don’t remember that much of the past in the strip – were Bernice and Gunther at some point poised to become an item? Like, before he ran off to South America?

  6. Mitch4, Gunther was very close to asking Bernice out after talking with Tiffany, but it didn’t happen because Bern was infatuated with Piro at the time. This was in college, though, not before the Rosa escapade.

    Fun fact: apparently going to Peru was how Gunther was going to be written out of the strip.

  7. VoodooChicken, if this were 9CL, we’d actually see “Gun” and Bets having sex. Except we’d only see their hands.

  8. I’m with Bernice. The last thing I’d ever want to discuss is the intricacies of my friends’ sex lives. Ewwwww…

  9. I get discussing friend’s sex lives but… either the group is at an age in which they are sexually active and then it’d be assumed they are, or the group is at an age where they aren’t and they wouldn’t think about it. Of course the depiction that they are at an age where they do serious dating but sex is never broached is pretty surreal.

  10. “either the group is at an age in which they are sexually active and then it’d be assumed they are, or the group is at an age where they aren’t and they wouldn’t think about it. ”

    But this is Gunther, who was probably voted most likely to die a virgin. He’s socially inept and more so around girls.

  11. And yet, “Virgin Gunther” is the only character in the strip who’s apparently had two long-term sexual relationships.

  12. My reply to Powers was up for a while, but now seems to have vanished. Did the censorbot suddenly decide that “nuke him from orbit” was code for some unspeakable seeksual activity? (Hmm — come to think of it, maybe it could be.) Or is said bot just a big Gunther fan and didn’t like me disliking the twerp?

  13. Speaking of the ongoing recent plot lines in this comic, was there some resolution of the stuff about Tiffany having to economize after evil stepmother An Eyefull got her credit card restricted? Or was that all for motivating how she has to move into a shared dorm room?

  14. Yes, LuAnn, they’re doing it. In every room of the apartment, and in positions illegal in twelve states.. Move on.

    I wonder whether he friends were this obsessed over whether she and Quill were doing the horizontal kangaroo.

  15. And today, Gunther’s mother is about to have The Talk with him.

    Really, this would have been more appropriate for Zits: “Jeremy, I know you’ve been dating Sara for over 20 years, but you are only 17, far too young to be having sex.’

  16. My guess, since Bets seems to be as much a geek as Gunther is, would be pregnancy.

    But she the one who for some reason married Mr. Grey, or whatever his name is, so who knows how her mind works?

  17. So… we’re headed into Week Three.

    is there any way this epic story line can end well? After three weeks t’ll be either “Yes, we’re sleeping together, because we’re adults, you silly twit” or “No, we’re not sleeping together because I’m entering the priesthood next week.”

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