1. “Why would the school cafeteria be serving leftover turkey at all?”

    They aren’t. All those moms are trying to use up the leftover turkey by sending it to school in Junior’s lunchbox.

  2. Hoo boy. 50 years in public school they served turkey dinner the last day before T-giving and then the leftovers in ever smaller bits for days. Geezer alert I guess.

  3. Note that most schools don’t have refrigerators for students to keep their sack lunches cold until lunch hour. My sandwiches were always at room temperature when I ate them. If you’re going to bring up the number of people using insulated lunch bags today, fine, but how many of those sandwiches were made in the morning from room temperature bread?

  4. There’s also the possibility that “lunch room” refers to the teacher’s room, not the cafeteria, which is what I’d expect the student’s eating place to be called…though again, this is an elementary (middle?) school.

  5. Maybe it’s a fancy school in a rich-all white area (they bus in the token annoying black kid) and they have microwaves for the students to use to heat up lunches. And if they think turkey is bad, people who microwave fish in the office microwave are monsters.

  6. The way school budgets are being cut (tales of lunch debt, teachers paying out-of-pocket for supplies, fill-the-bus drives to give students supplies and backpacks), it wouldn’t surprise me if the school was considered to be a charity case by the local soup kitchen.

  7. Yes, at least some schools have turkey dinners for lunch the day before. Though, many schools here have a half day the day before Thanksgiving and therefore do not have lunch at all. (I thought they all had a half day, but our reenactment unit does an all day event at a middle school the day before Thanksgiving – have to get there too early for the two of us.) I am guessing children and staff do bring leftovers for lunch.

    I made a 12 pound turkey for the two of us for Thanksgiving. We had leftovers on Friday. We had leftovers on Monday. We had leftovers later the week after. We had leftovers tonight (Wednesday). (I have had to add side dishes.) Probably just short of another dinner’s worth of turkey – now we are planning a turkey soup later this week to use it up.

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