1. She’s a “good” woman because she doesn’t sleep with strangers. But it doesn’t take much to turn a stranger into a friend – the length of one airline flight will do it. And she knows that in advance. But she still has her standards that she won’t sleep with strangers, at least technically.

  2. I think Arthur’s got it, but where is she? She looks like she’s coming out of a bathroom straight onto the most polluted airstrip on Earth. This is an LIDU for me…location I don’t understand.

  3. It’s a two panel strip. The left side is on the ground, the right is in the air. You were fooled because she extends outside the left panel for artistic reasons.

  4. Last Kiss uses old comic panels and changes the dialog to be (basically) sexy. I think she’s standing in an airport window, near the gate – that was my first-glance thought, it’s a location I’m all too familiar with. Though, yeah, the clouds and airplane do mess that up… when I actually look at the image, I’m as confused as Bill.

  5. It’s a play on “sleeping with”… she doesn’t have sex with strangers, but on a long airline flight, especially in economy, she does of necessity go to sleep right next to strangers, possibly one on either side. They may become “old friends” due to simply chatting but more likely due to each quickly gaining more intimate knowledge of each other’s nocturnal grunts, dribbles, farty emissions, twitching and personal-space invasion from lolling head and straying elbow than almost anyone else’s in the world except actual lovers / children/ parents / dogs & cats. I don’t think the cartoonist means that at the end of the flight she can THEN have sex with her seat-mate, who is no longer such a stranger, but maybe that is the intention.

    As for the image, definitely the plane is above the clouds… she is not looking out of the window onto a dust-stormed parking apron, she is looking to the future and being miles high, though maybe not in the Mile-High Club.

  6. Thanks Dave T. I was confused about the setup too not realizing there were two panels. CIDU Bill, I think she IS on the flight in the 2nd panel. The reader is looking at a distance.

  7. I think it is one panel — not two. Here is the original. I think it is clearer that is is one panel here.

  8. In the old original panel, which I agree is a single panel, due to the man in the hat we can’t see the parked planes/ trees/ distant hills / horizon that the clouds loom over. In the new version, which I think is aiming for a two-centre holiday, we can see that we are up in the clouds, and the clouds are in front of the horizon. For what it is worth, the old pic has a prop plane going right to left, the new pic a jet plane going left to right, though in neither of them does it seem like the plane is landing or taking off from the local vicinity.

  9. Andréa, whether it’s this, Wondermark or That is Priceless, yes, you have to work with what’s available, but you still need to make the altered panel you’re publishing make sense on its own terms

  10. Song performed by Mabel Mercer:
    “I’ve never kissed a man before.
    Oh isn’t it a shame?
    “I’ve never kissed a man before.
    Before I knew his name.”

    Last verse:
    “I always go to bed at ten.
    Oh isn’t it a bore?
    I always go to bed at ten.
    But I go home at four.”

  11. re Andréa:
    jimcgaffey: “I’m as confused as Bill”
    Am I the only one who first read this as “I’m as confused as Hell”?

    Well, Sartre famously opined “Hell is other people,” but since Bill is only one people and one may not be enough to qualify as “other,” this will have to go to arbitration.

    We’ll get back to you.

    When, uh, somewhere freezes over.

  12. I think this is the girl who when she was good she was very very good and when she was bad she was even better.

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