1. The punch line is something along the lines that Vegetarian is an old native american word that means “Bad Hunter”.

  2. A well seasoned contract electrical engineer just told me that joke last week; I choose to be in awe of the cosmic preparation for this strip. I’m surprised to learn that it’s so “popular” in Sweden that the punch line can be omitted.

    For folks who haven’t looked her up, Nemi, the goth regular human, is a vegetarian.

    What I want to know is what could she possibly be doing to him that would cause him to lose a tooth? wait, 2 teeth.

  3. In South Africa, apparently the punchline is “a vegetarian is someone who has a salad with their steak”, but I doubt this is what is intended here.

  4. Is there a translated version of this comic strip available anywhere? As with Dethany of On The Fast Track, I like those types of characters.

  5. I was thinking, many people who are native to India do not eat meat, so maybe you call a Native American vegetarian an “Indian.”

  6. I used to own Myhre’s Nemi II, Nemi III, and Nemi IV (English translations) but I can’t find them at the moment.

  7. @narmitaj I was invited to a barbecue (braai) at a South African friend of mine’s place a while back. On the invitation, he wrote, “A variety of beef dishes will be served, and there will be chicken for the vegetarians.”

  8. I don’t know how I did that; my great maternal maternal grandmother was Norwegian, and I spent enough time in Sweden to know the consequences for confusing them. I really tried to write Norway (even playing with the alliteration in my head). My brain was so misled that I went back (!) to bold “Sweden”. unghh..

    When I was in Sweden, a woman friend taught me all the words in the comics each day as a way to teach me Swedish. Every morning I’d pick up the newspaper and tried to read the headlines. Not once did I have a clue what the news was.

  9. On a planned hospital stay for surgery, whilst I was a vegetarian (for about ten years), I specified such on my meal requests. So I was served . . . chicken soup AND jello. Much as I hate to say it . . . DUH!!

  10. My wife has a button which reads “I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals — I’m a vegetarian because I hate plants.”

    (Actually, she isn’t one anyway, though she’s tried it out a few times in the past.)

    There’s a nasty sf story, “In the Barn,” by (vegetarian, I think) sf author Piers Anthony about someone exploring a parallel world in which, lacking other animal life, some humans are treated as meat animals. The last lines involve the protagonist getting suddenly fearful that we may be visited by alien carnivores who consider us all fair game; point taken, but since this is sf, I couldn’t help thinking that we *might* also be visited by alien giant intelligent vegetables who’d not approve of Anthony’s solution either.

    I’m difficult that way.

  11. A while back we gave a barbecue and invited friends. When we invited them, a number of them said that they were vegetarian.

    So we had hot dogs and cheeseburgers and also lots of vegetarian food for the vegetarians.

    Everyone, including the vegetarians, ate cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Nobody touched the vegetarian food.

    There is definitely something wrong with my friends and acquaintances.

  12. I don’t recall that the human cattle in the story were used as meat animals, but rather dairy. I think most male babies were killed.

  13. Re the Anthony story — emphasis was on using them as dairy, yes (females were lobotomized and as you say males mostly killed), but I think there was passing mention of meat whose nature the viewpoint character deduces as well. But I may be misremembering; I haven’t read the story in many years, and will actively avoid reading it again.

  14. “There is definitely something wrong with my friends and acquaintances.”

    I organized a CairnFest back in 2007 . . . 80 people and 100 dogs. I made sure that the caterer provided vegetarian choices. Most of which was left uneaten.

    CairnFest 2008 had fewer vegetarian choices (I’m a fast learner).

  15. I read statistic a few years ago that said most vegetarians had eaten meat in the past year (while being vegetarian). At the end of the article, the authors speculated that *maybe* alcohol was involved.

  16. I’m trying to think of any type of alcohol that is made of animal(s). Oh, you mean the drinking thereof before indulging in non-vegetarian foods. nevermind

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