Donuts I Don’t Understand

1572190179946736397427.jpgAny guesses what’s going on here?

If this is what appears to be, whatever that is, it seems to contradict the story, discussed here recently, that Dunkin’ is responsible for the spelling shift from “doughnuts” to “donuts”: Dunkin’ began in 1950.


  1. Well I’d guess this is from the bakery company and is promoting how they are giving customers more and more dough per doughnut as there is less hole.

  2. According to the great font of wisdom known as Wikipedia, the “donut” spelling goes way back: (Skip down to the “Etymology” section).

    Here you can see “donut” appears in trademark form as early as 1921:

    “Donuts” in a 1939 World’s Fair ad:

    Note: The the hole size chart image that started this post appears to have come from this collection:

    Too bad there’s no further info regarding that particular image, as we’ll perhaps never know the actual significance behind it.

  3. I’d say the opposite. It’s a parody of images showing how chocolate bars keep shrinking over the years. It shows how the hole keeps getting smaller, while we pay the same amount. The joke being that smaller holes means more donut.

    I’d also guess this is a photoshop job of a 1950’s image, with the donut complaint replacing the original, whatever it was.

  4. I had some great thoughts on this topic, but apparently my post is still in moderation.

    Suffice to say, the word “donut” goes much back farther than Dunkin’s use.

    Does including more than one link in a reply trigger the moderation mechanism?

  5. No matter who collected this undated image, it simply proves that it doesn’t take Photoshop to doctor a photo. The “pointer” has been edited into the picture (it’s not much more than a 2-D extension of his middle finger) and that in turn raises the question of whether anything on the poster was really part of the original photo.

  6. P.S, @ Grawlix – There used to a firm limit of one link per comment, but Bill lifted that restriction quite a while ago. Still, comments with multiple (or very long) URLs are a little more likely to run afoul of WordPress’s capricious filtering system.

  7. The fact that the Smithsonian has a named collection of Doughnut Ephemera is the greatest thing I learned today.

  8. The link limit exists by default, because multiple links can be indicative of spam; but since the program does a fine job of detecting spam — too good, sometimes — I switched it off.

  9. Given that the top local donut chain where I live has been using “do-nut” since it was founded in the mid-30s, it additionally seems Dunkin’ was far from a trendsetter. Though perhaps they brought “donut” into some areas that had continued to use “doughnut”?

    And now Dunkin’ eschews placing “donuts” in its branding at all…

  10. Combining two of our current threads, Hubby made Dunkin’ Donuts’ Pumpkin [Pie] Spice coffee this a.m., with whipped cream on top. Only thing missing was a spiced crust (NOT graham cracker; I use Nilla or shortbread crust).

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