1. Staging an open house means setting it up to look pretty, i think… So I’m guessing this is a pune or a play on words with the same word used in two different ways. This raises the problem of what to do when the sellers stage things this way and the solution being, naturally, to shoot the hostage so that the seller knows that you are a serious customer and not just some random thug with no leverage, financial or otherwise.

    Also, these are some very rotund people.

  2. I imagine the sale price of the house is so low that it’s tantamount to daylight robbery… as Cut-Me-Own-Throat Dibbler from Discworld says, ‘… and at that price, I’m cutting me own throat.’ The sellers are dramatically illustrating that they have been forced – by circumstance, society or a series of low-offer potential buyers – to sell at a lower price than they wanted.

  3. I’d say narmitaj has it. The realtor and sellers want to make it appear that the potential buyers are getting a “steal” based on the asking price.

  4. “staging” a house for sale means to present it in an ideal “lived-in” state rather than either A) empty, or B) it’s actual lived-in state. There are companies in existence whose sole purpose is to deliver furnishings to vacant properties and arrange it. That means that presenting an idealized view of the property is worth money, because real-estate brokers are willing to pay the staging company, which means they’re actually adding to the offers of the property.

  5. Hmm, my impression was that there had actually been a robbery / home-invasion. Then the realtor and clients happened along shortly after and stumbled on this scene. But the realtor doesn’t want to give the clients the impression of it being a dangerous neighborhood, so on the spur of the moment concocts this explanation.

  6. I don’t think there’s anything about trying to make it look like the price is good. This is Cornered. It just the phrase “staging a house” and “staging a robbery” were interchanged because they share a word.

  7. I’m afraid woozy has it. Before jumping in here, I thought that “steal” and “rob” were too different to build a joke around.

  8. I’m in the process of buying a new home and I’ve seen it all. I will admit that it’s often easier to get a feel for a home when it has some furniture in it, rather than vacant. Especially when viewing the pictures online. Just looking at a bunch of pictures of empty rooms makes it very difficult to tell if the pictures are of different rooms, or what types of rooms they are.
    I’ve even seen a few digitally staged homes where the homes are vacant, but they’ve photoshopped furniture into the pictures for the online listing. There was one home where a photo from one angle had furniture, but another angle of the same room didn’t.

  9. And I would rather see a home completely empty. My real estate agent said I’m the first person who ever said that. If there is furniture in the house, I try my best to ignore it; I’m there for the house, NOT the furniture. I want to see the ‘bones’ of the house.

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