1. I did some checking when this one ran. That’s the artist and his family. He has a couple of paintings of the blonde girl, and she always looks like that. But the little girl is super creepy.

  2. The girl in front has articulated arms like a doll or puppet.
    The real girl is probably locked up in the attic.

  3. I love how the artist is leaning in like he just set up a timer on the easel and ran in to get in shot before the timer went off…

  4. Maybe if you’re a painter you’ve already painted the family (and everybody else) in the usual poses, and you’re bored enough to change it up a little.

  5. @larK: Apparently, he painted from photographs a lot. Maybe that’s exactly what’s going on here.
    The wife was also a painter and the mother of the devil-child. The blonde girl is from his first marriage to a countess, but they divorced because he thought their second daughter (not pictured) wasn’t actually his. He kept the older girl, the supposed cuckoo’s egg went with her mother.

  6. I mean, Mr Melcher could have run it with the title “Self Portrait of the Artist And His Family, Shortly Before The Police Found Out About It”.

    Yeah, somehow, finding out it’s a self portrait makes it even more horrifying.

  7. Meh…..

    I think the caption works. Sometimes humor is simply in the form of pointing odd something that everyone notices but didn’t really want to comment on.

    Have you ever been walking with a friend and you notice something weird but you don’t really want to say anything because … well, maybe there’s a reason for it, or maybe others don’t think it is so weird, or you don’t want to seem so shallow as to be “that guy” who points at something weird and shouts “weird, weird, weird”… or whatever. So you don’t comment. Then two minutes later your friend says “What was up with that weird thing?” and you squeal in delight “Oh, you saw that too?!” and you both burst out laughing?

    I think this is the same idea.

  8. I can see that it’s not the case, but it sure looks like the mother’s right hand is holding a knife.

    And BA’s comment is a better title.

  9. What an apparently awkward, unhappy looking family.

    Someone should write a sitcom based on this image….

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