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Twenty years ago, when I was visiting my brother’s family in California, we were in a park and he used his cell phone (I didn’t even have a cell phone at the time) to call a local pizza place to have them deliver it to us there. It was an odd request, because they delivered to homes, but they agreed to do it and my brother gave the guy a nice tip.

And now welcome to 2019, when even having speaking to a human being to place your park food order seems retro.



  1. ” for me its a ‘where’s the joke’.”

    Don’t you hate it when they kneel to give you your food that you ordered by phone app?

  2. The joke is just a minor incongruity: these ladies appear to be of an older generation (witness the Larsonesque “granny glasses” on one, and the massive earrings on the other, and in both cases they are wearing “geezerette” outfits), but in the third panel they turn out to be modern, digitally connected “hipsters”.

  3. I had the same reaction as woozy: I don’t see any joke.

    I guess Kilby has it, but if so, the “incongruity” is pretty weak. I don’t feel like using an app is really enough to make someone a “modern, digitally connected hipster.”

    I’m not familiar with this comic, but looking through the archives, I see a few comics that just seem to be “the main character likes something you wouldn’t expect”:

  4. It’s not really a major incongruity. They’re middle-aged, probably 40-something, and both moderately tech savvy, with the dark-haired one a bit more so. There isn’t really a joke here, more of a slice of life, mildly amusing incident.

  5. A small group of us, in a bar/restaurant, wanted pizza. The menu didn’t list it, so we called out and ordered a pizza delivered to us inside that eatery! In due time, it arrived. Management did not fully appreciate our innovative method and cut us off shortly afterwards, but we did get to eat it there. (ca. 35 years ago)

  6. Similarly, cxp, fifty-two years ago (good lord!), when I was working as delivery boy at my father’s restaurant, I noticed that delivery orders were getting priority over people at the tables. I asked him whether they’d be better off getting up from their tables, going to the pay phone by the door, and ordering their food delivered to the table.

    He told me Shut up, don’t give anybody any ideas.

  7. I think the ladies ordered the food for pickup at the restaurant and then brought it to the park.

    As far as I know, food delivery services are designed with the assumption that the food is going to be delivered to someplace with a street address. It may have been possible at one time to order food to be sent to a park bench, or a particular manhole in the city like the pizza in the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, but I don’t know about now.

    And yet, it seems as though longitude and latitude coordinates, or triples, ought to work just fine.

  8. I’ve done just that, Bill. A local Barbecue restaurant always has super-long lines inside to order. I place an order to go, using my cell phone, in the parking lot. Then I walk inside, pick up my order, sit down, and eat it.

  9. “As far as I know, food delivery services are designed with the assumption that the food is going to be delivered to someplace with a street address.”

    Dominoes ran ads relatively recently bragging that they were adding thousands and thousands of public places to the list of places they would/can deliver to, specifically suggesting parks and beaches.

    A street address doesn’t necessarily pin down a specific recipient, either. Many years ago, when I was on active duty, I lived in the barracks on-base with several hundred of my closest friends. The unit commander had standing orders that people who ordered pizzas from the popular just-off-base pizza supplier would be waiting at the door when their pizza arrived, under threat of article 15 administrative punishment for airment who made the delivery guy bother the CQ to send for the would-be pizza consumer.

  10. I don’t know if they still do it, but in the training area at Canadian Forces Base Gagetown you could call the pizzeria in nearby Oromocto and get them to deliver to a grid reference.

  11. James Pollack – now if we could get Dominoes’ customers to call them and not Robert and me – it would be wonderful. Particularly those 4 am calls when one’s father is deathly ill in the hospital. Then again, the drunks who keep calling and calling when they get our machine and the people who won’t go out in the snow storm, but expect the Dominoes’ delivery guys(gals?) to do so are not all that wonderful to deal with either.

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