1. Since this is classic Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller, Sluggo may have trouble following that advice.

    In addition to, you know, the other difficulties.

  2. This cross-pollinates worm-hunting with the “The light’s better over here” joke.

    And since when did Sluggo start speaking with Bugs Bunny’ Brooklyn accent?

  3. Sluggo was speaking with that accent at least as early as the 1940’s and probably before. In a 1940’s strip I saw, Nancy tried to give him a diction lesson. “Read this” she said, holding up a paper with “GIRL PEARL EARL”. He read “GOIL POIL OIL.” “That’s wrong!” She said. “GIRL! PEARL! EARL! Now read this” holding up “Oysters will spoil if you boil them in oil.” “Ersters will sperl if you berl them in erl.” She went away mad and he said “You can’t win!”

  4. “And since when did Sluggo start speaking with Bugs Bunny’ Brooklyn accent?”

    The actual question is when did he stop?

    I think it was sometime in the sixties or maybe fifties. He lost it by the time I started reading it. But then again I think by that time the dialog had become so minimal and light writing such accents would have been too heavy. Compared to the strips I read as a child in the 70s, the dialog in this street is outright Joycean.

  5. @ woozy – I cannot see why your second attempt did not appear, but I’m going to try it again anyway:

  6. My first didn’t work because it had the “:large” after the file name.

    My second attempt and your two attempts both *did* work (on Firefox 67.0.2). If they didn’t work on your browser it’s because …. well, it’s your browser’s fault.

    Not sure why calling it a gif should work (unless there are two indentical files) but it does. The file name appears to be arbitrary characters.

  7. Hmm… either the site has images with .jpg, .gif and .png and a damaged file with a .jpeg extension. Or the site has a script that will convert data into different file formats but they data has errors for the jpeg extension. As it’s a twitter image that probably has something to do with why you can’t find it.

    Anyway….. (jeebus… It was really hard to search for… I didn’t find *any* other image; This will have to do:

  8. @ woozy – Your second attempt displays fine if I open the image in a new tab, the problem is that WordPress doesn’t want to render it “inline” (as it does with most other images). It may be that the source server has something that inhibits “foreign” embedding, or (as you said) perhaps it’s just incompatible with my browser.

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