Whither the Random Comments Page

Everybody seems to have gone back to using the version linked to from the left sidebar — which makes sense, because it’s the only one anybody can find. And nobody (including me) likes the idea of linking to it from a post permanently on the front page.

So let’s just go back to using the old one.

There are drawbacks, among them comments not showing up on the Recent Comments list and the fact that there are already 46,000 comments there, but I’m just not going to have the time in the foreseeable future to find a workaround to WordPress’s refusal to let me change the links.

If indeed there is one.


  1. I assume the exaggeration (by two whole orders of magnitude) was merely for comic effect?

  2. The funny part was that for a split second, I mismultiplied, and thought that the exaggeration was only by one order of magnitude. Only when I checked did I see that the actual number was 460+, and not 4600+.
    P.S. If you are forced to give into WordPress’s inflexibility, then maybe you should remove “old” (and the date) from the headline.

  3. Wait, “Your Random Comments” is just an open thread for miscellaneous discussion? I always thought it was a link to a random comment somewhere in the blog’s history.

  4. The compromise solution:

    Stop being concerned with that link in the sidebar, stop fighting WordPress over editing it. Don’t worry about what it is, what it says, or where it leads when one clicks it.
    But we do want to focus on what we find when we get to where the link leads. It will still be stuck as “https://godaddyandthesquirrelmustbothdie.wordpress.com/2018/01/01/your-random-comments/” , which is the top note anchoring the OLD Random Comments thread. That’s all right, we’re not going to try to change that URL.
    But the title or “headline” can certainly be edited — it used to be different but now is “Old Random Comments (through May 15, 2019)”. It can therefore be edited further, to say in some succinct form “OLD Thread, Closed, Do not use.” [Software people — what’s the term for a feature which is kept in a new version for back-compatibility, but users are urged not to use going forward nor to rely on? “Disparaged”? “Denigrated”? I think it’s slightly more polite. Anyway, that’s the idea that needs to be conveyed.
    The contents of the post are currently
    Please note that this is intended for public comic comments only: if you want to send me a CIDU, or a comic for some specific folder (Ewww, Oy, etc), or you want to inform me of a typo, please e-mail me at CiduBill@gmx.com
    I don’t know if this is still editable at this point.
    If it is, great! Make it say something like “Instead, please use the 2019 New Random Comments thread, at

    If that contents paragraph is not editable, well, put that link into the title/headline.

    5. How is this a compromise? Well, it does not struggle to provide a one-click path to the 2019 New Random Comments. BUT it does provide a simple two-click path to that desired page.

  5. @ Mitch4 – The word you were looking for is “deprecated“. And although two clicks to the goal is not that much to ask, I think it poses a greater disadvantage than the large number of comments (468+) in the existing thread does.

  6. Ah, thank you for “deprecated” ; that is indeed what I was looking for.

    But I respectfully disagree about which inconvenience is more of a PITA.

  7. In software, usually if you say something is deprecated, tons of people keep using it anyway, until you actually turn it off. Unless there’s a way to disable comments on the old random comments thread, I don’t think putting a comment about deprecation at the top is going to kill that thread. Some people will not read that, and comment there anyway. Other people will click on their comments, and go directly to their comments without reading the top “post,” and then respond in that thread. So we’ll just end up with everything spread between two random comments pages, which to me seems worse that the current situation.

    I’m not clear on why it’s a problem that there are 46,000 comments there. An I do see comments from there showing up in the “Recent Comments” list.

  8. Winter, the irritating interaction with the old page depends on platform, view, and purpose. Sometimes it can be fine, as you point out. But take the case of desktop computer, web browser, and regular view (as distinguished from Reader view). Say I have a random thought I want to post. I click on the “Your Random Comments” in the left sidebar, taking me to the top of the old thread. I scroll down. I may be on the last page of comments, where the posting form can be found. But often it is not on that page, but the first. Then I need to follow “Newer Comments” multiple times.

    And on a point in passing, are you sure there isn’t a way of closing the old thread to new comments (without losing the existing ones)? What if it is simply a checkbox for Bill to select? Would that ameliorate the multiple-places-to-post issue you have located?

  9. That does sound annoying. For “desktop computer, web browser,” when I click on the “Your Random Comments,” I go to the last page, so that’s fine for me. When I click on someone’s recent comments in the thread, I sometimes go to the second-to-last, or even third-to-last page, which is annoying. But that happens with any thread that goes past 50 comments. Is the plan for Bill to create to and link to new Random Comments pages every time one of the pages passes 50 comments? That sounds pretty annoying for Bill.

    “And on a point in passing, are you sure there isn’t a way of closing the old thread to new comments (without losing the existing ones)?”

    I am not sure at all. I actually have no idea. That’s why I said “Unless. . .”

  10. I’m not entirely sure whether closing a thread to new comments deletes the existing ones. This thing really needs an instruction manual.

    For now, though, starting a new page two or three times a year seems a lot simpler than all these comments about
    the random comments.

    Update: Yes, I can close a thread to new comments without deleting the existing ones.

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