1. Yes. But as he is not dead and he is up and moving about in sunlight, those are vampire hickeys, not feeding marks.

  2. That character always has stubble and this is the first time we’ve seen him with a vampire.

  3. Vampires can only cross a threshold if invited. This one found a way to be invited.

  4. The second time I looked at it, all the marks are in equally spaced pairs, so they’re puncture marks from aggressive all-over kissing/biting, but like Singapore Bill said, no feeding. Not really a joke, either.

  5. My interpretation: No hickeys; all bites; housemate has escalation of concern/yikes-ness(yikes-ity?, yikes-ation?) at all 3 stages.
    (each new bump up in concern is shown by movement lines; in a way that double-takes might be shown)

    I feel unsure about whether the bites are “normal” love bites or will have the vampire effect; I think the housemate feels the same right now; I love comics where 2 possible realities are so enormously different in impact on the character(s).

  6. Are they movement lines? Look more like raised (and detached) eyebrows.

    With the sun rising, where is the night’s guest hanging out now?

  7. I do not understand from whence you all get ‘hickeys’. Clearly, cigarette-smoking fellow has the measles. Poor thing. And measles are nothing to joke about.

  8. @narmitaj You’re of course completely correct, and very kind about it; I double checked that the lines were in 3 panels but completely failed to check what they were (I don’t say double-check because my first impression was that he was simply staring and my sleepy head made up the movement, which I “half-checked”, I’ll call it. Sigh, all credibility temporarily lost. I’ll develop stricter rules regarding when not to post (e.g. listen to any and all niggle(s))).

  9. I think that the joke is that the evidence for a night of passion with a vampire is more obvious than a night with the living.

  10. @ Bob Peters – Was that a suggestion for an improvement, or is the color balance on your monitor shifted so far that it makes the brown appear red? The coffee looks brown to me.
    P.S. I once had a CRT monitor in which one of the three color emitters gradually went out of service (over a period of days/weeks). I didn’t notice it at first, until someone else asked me why the “white” windows were chartreuse.

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