1. People who own cats get accustomed to all sorts of weird noises in the middle of the night, and are therefore not disturbed by them.

  2. Yeah, if my cat can’t wake me up by turning on the alarm, he will sandpaper-tongue lick my bald head. If THAT doesn’t work, he’ll bite my nose, which freakin’ hurts.
    I won’t get up at that one, though — I’ll bop his nose, and then put my head under the covers to hide.

  3. I have a cat but it still had me confused. I assumed that the text in the last panel was a continuation of the TV ad.

  4. It’s all good until your cat does a claws out power bounce off of your face in the middle of the night while you are in a sound deep sleep. Still love that fur ball, though.

  5. I sleep pretty deeply – the only things that wake me are glass breaking or water splashing. Everything else can wait until morning. One night they even had a fight on top of me, leaving claw marks on my hip. At least, I assume it was a fight, the claw marks were from two cats.

  6. sssshhh .. click! sssshhh … click! sssshhh … click! I don’t know how long this went on until I woke up. The noise continued. sssshhh … click! sssshhh … click!
    I turned on the light. The cat was playing with the feather duster. He had gotten it down on the floor. He would silently stalk it and suddenly pounce on it. The momentum propelled it with the “sh” sound until the stick hit the wall with a click.

  7. Mark in Boston, I love that story.

    One of my kittens used to carry around the feather duster as a prize – look what I caught! It was bigger than he was, so he had to lift his head very high in order to keep from stumbling over it.

    Cutest thing I ever saw.

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